Jimmy McDonald

Jimmy McDonald


Jimmy McDonald has memorable tunes that stick with you long after you hear them. With catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics and some fancy guitar work along the way- he'll leave you wanting more. Fans are rapidly spreading word of his unforgettable live performances.


Jimmy who? Like... the fast food place?

Yeah, Jimmy McDonald. Get used to the name.

With one acoustic EP that was met with critics open arms, Jimmy took to the stages of the northeast. He played over 75 shows in 2009, and hopes that the addition of a new album to his resume only helps to increase that number. The new collection of songs is slated to drop in the early spring of 2010.

McDonald spoke of the differences between his first and second albums and what we can expect to hear.

“There's definitely a feeling of growth when I compare the two bodies. 'Ready Now' was my first time ever in the studio... so I just took some of my better songs, recorded them in about 3 weeks, and said 'ok, now lets get back on stage.' I feel like this new album is the first time I ever thought about making a record. I wanted a collection of songs to tell a story about what I've been going through, struggling with, overcoming and living with since 'Ready Now'. It's certainly more relevant, and I'm excited to get it out to the public. I think some people will be surprised to hear the instrumentation and arrangements... but again, it's all part of the growth. It's everything I had in mind from the beginning, and it's just finally coming to life.”

It's no surprise that Jimmy was so excited to get back to performing after the short break to record “Ready Now”. Anyone who's ever seen him live knows that there's no place else in the world he'd rather be, and it's truly where he belongs. Armed with a guitar, a bluesy overtone, a piercing voice and a quick wit between songs, there's no one who leaves feeling unsatisfied. If he didn't rope you in with the song, he's sure to captivate you with his colorful sense of humor which boarders on that of a standup comic when he's not waist deep in melody.

“Some artists take the music too seriously... Sure, it's what you want the people to leave talking about, but whats the harm in having their conversation in the car on the way home be about 'that remark he made before the last song'? As long as people leave happy, fulfilled and entertained, I did my job. Whether it was a guitar solo or an off-color joke, it doesn't really matter to me how they get there. I guess that's why it's so important to come out guns blazing, firing on all cylinders. Thank god it's so much fun, cause it almost sounds stressful to talk about.”

McDonald has felt his success blooming since 2005, when he started sharing stages with household names such as Teddy Geiger, Taking Back Sunday, Phantom Planet, Anna Nalick, Hanson, Bowling for Soup, Dispatch, Ben Jelen, Saving Abel and many, many more. He not only met the pressure of the big show, but he rose above and left each crowd buzzing for more.

Jimmy has opened the eyes of multiple corporate sponsors as well, gaining the support of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Stonebridge Guitars, LR Baggs Pickups, Tora Clothing and Lone Star.

With the pending release of Jimmy's new album, the sky is the limit for this young man. At just 24 years of age, he's got the attitude of a seasoned veteran and the songs of a superstar. It's only a matter of time until this kid makes his dent in the business.

Jimmy who? Like... the fast food place?

Yeah, McDonald. Get used to it.


EP "Ready Now" released March 6, 2007

Singles from "Ready Now"
1. Empty Hands
2. Crazy
3. Stay
4. Love is Real

Each have received radio play from ME to CA recently.

Set List

Typical setlist consists of anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes of original material.

Songs that are typically played (in no specific order):

Empty Hands
Love is Real
Don't Look Down
New Reality
Falling into Place
Damage Control
Stretching for Summer
Miss This
Discover You
On My Way