Jimmy McGee

Jimmy McGee


Jimmy McGee is a POWER BALL of soul his voice comes through with that spiritual sound of the church. Utopian song writing skills coupled with a vocal style steeped in the blues and gospel music gives you the feeling that this artist is the essence of what he's singing.


When Jimmy straps on his guitar, steps to the microphone and passionately delivers Blues, Rock n Roll and Soul music you will be moved to dance, sing and applaud this multi-faceted musician.

Jimmy's passion for Blues, Rock n Roll, Soul and over all good music are brands that he wishes to share with generations to come.


Grammy award winning reggae artist Don Carlos of the Black Uhuru recently sought Jimmy's lead guitar skills for a mid-west tour. Miles Davis' former bassist Foley, Frankie J. Thompson of the Bar-Kays & Cameo and Dean Francis leader of the world renowned band Sun, all internationally acclaimed musicians from Ohio, have worked with and befriended Jimmy. Francis selected McGee to make an appearance on his project entitled, You gotta to know in 1995. The project was released worldwide on Soulcity records.

Jimmy recorded and released the project "Straight from the Soul" for Jambalaya Records in 1998. This spirited compilation included a list of dance music and love songs showcasing McGee's range as a recording artist.

Jimmy has worked with numerous regional bands in addition to founding the Jimmy McGee band, Shakerman was formulated with McGee as lead vocalist in 1997. The Ark Band, a renowned mid-western reggae band secured Jimmy in 1996 for their regional tour. This artist's voice has also been used in the radio and television industry.

Set List

Musical diversity, love and experience, is evident in this mega talents repertoire that spans abroad age group and listening taste, rendering each one with his signature style. Prepare to be emotionally exercised by this renaissance artist as you're taken on a musical journey through his playlist of Sly and the family Stone, Prince, Al Green, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Womack, Isley Brothers and his original Blues works. All songs are covered with much repect for the structure and form of the original versions.