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Jimmy Miles

Guin, Alabama, United States

Guin, Alabama, United States
Country Americana


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Jimmy Miles is a barroom picker from Beaverton, Alabama, population 201 (202 when he is in town). Growing up poor in the backwoods of the southeast doesn't leave much for entertainment but "you never miss what you've never had" says Miles. "My folks listened to the best damn music in the world and I had lots of time on my hands to learn 'em. Daddy, who I love very much, left when I was young but he did leave his old guitar and some dang good 8-track tapes. What more could I have asked for? "
Jimmy played that guitar every time the dust from the Alabama dirt road he lived on would settle enough to see it and also started writing about anything he ever experienced or saw. That makes for some pretty good 'real' country songs, as real as it gets.
Miles first experience with the Nashville music machine was a one album deal with Capitol Management and Platinum Plus Records which lead to the album 'Jimmy Miles-One For The Lady'. It was his song crafting that first got Capitol's attention and culminated in a 10 song album of which Miles penned 9 of the true to life songs.
Jimmy didn't re-sign with Capitol after 365 days of being polished and groomed because he had discovered he liked 'his way' much better. The stellar musicians and overproduction of his songs seemed to steal some of the truth away from them so, what most artists would think was a backward step, he went back to his roots. Self-taught musicians that understand where every word he writes comes from and they put their feelings instead of the proper Nashville number into his songs. "The songs sound exactly how they were meant to now" says Miles.
Jimmy's next project was a live album recorded in Nashville. He used his own bar band (The Southern Pride Band) to record 'Jimmy Miles-Live From Hosshead Central. This is a 12 song album with 5 self-penned songs. The album was produced by Buddy Jennings for M.A.J.O.R. records of Goodlettsville, TN in 2003.
Jimmy and his band are doing exactly what he set out to do from the beginning, singing his songs, which tell his story, 'his way' to anyone who wants to listen.
He is the example of what country music SHOULD be.

"Raw, rough and ready! Reminds me of the days when music was fun to make. Take a listen-take notice-or kick back." - Jessi Colter

"Miles puts that indefinable 'something' into his delivery that makes all the difference. Whoever he sings about, he believes every word he is saying. That is rare. Jimmy is best when he is laying down the backwoods truth." - David Pilot, Rockzillaworld Magazine

¬ďA great country artists that I love doing shows with. Jimmy knows how to write and deliver a true country song. You don't want to miss him!" - David Frizzell