Jimmy Omonga

Jimmy Omonga


Singer-songwriter Jimmy Omonga, born in Kinshasa, Congo, combines the Congolese ballad with the great South African choir tradition. At the 2008 Music of the World Award he was elected Best Upcoming Artist.


Born in Kinshasa, Congo, Jimmy Omonga taught himself guitar, sang in a church choir, wrote his first songs at sixteen and formed a band that played all the clubs in Kinshasa.

With his cool voice and style Jimmy gained a considerable name and following for himself.

He played in Luanda, Angola in 1995. Two years later he set up a new group in Cape Town, where for the first time he combined his Congolese Afropop with the sophisticated South African choir tradition.

In 2007 two of his songs were released on a sample-CD during the international Womex Music Fair in Seville, Spain. It touched hearts as it did in Africa and only months later Omonga was elected ‘Newcomer of the Year 2008’ at the MWA (Music of the World Award) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Everybody was absolutely thrilled, as it was for the first time an artist had won that prize without having a full album on the market.


2007: The Sampler - Hippo (HiP S01)
includes two songs of Jimmy Omonga

2008: Jimmy Omonga – Destin (HIP009)
Recorded in the Paris Studios, Fishoek, Cape Town, South Africa.

Set List

1. Sakina
2. Zembele (Abandoned)
3. Nakonda (Lovesick)
4. Kosilika Te (Take Me Serious)
5. Point Zero
6. Africa Weh (Why, Africa)
7. Destin (Destiny)
8. Nabondela (I’m Begging You)
9. Kanisa (Think of Me)
10. Rosa
11. Lolenge (The Way to Do It)