Jimmy Peat

Jimmy Peat


Jimmy Peat is a rock and roll guitar player. Born in the mid-80's he has set out on a mission to put the 'Rock' back in 'Roll'. Slowly but surely he is climbing the ranks of guitar players named 'Jimmy'.


There are some things in life that change the course of history: rock and roll history that is. One of these occasions happened the day Jimmy Peat picked up a guitar. Like the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs, he hammered down on a chord creating a wall of raw electric sound, and set out on a mission to put back the Rock in Roll. Gradually climbing the ranks of guitarists named Jimmy, he puts on a show that’s like sex for your ears!
Jimmy was born in Toronto in the mid-eighties, but moved to rural Muskoka at the age of nine; it is there where he was bitten by a mosquito carrying the rock and roll virus. He began acquiring and listening to rock albums including ‘Chuck Berry‘, ‘Led Zeppelin II and IV‘, and ‘KISS Alive!’. In his first year of high school, anxious to learn how to play the music that consumed his soul, he took up the drums. That wasn’t enough though and he soon picked up a guitar and started learning to play. With his cheap-ass Radio Shack keyboard, he’d play leads with his beat up acoustic for hours while the keyboard kept the rhythm.
Now a rock and roll guru, he formed a band in his home town. They became infamous with sex, drugs, and rock and roll for those who watched them. Screaming out “I’m quite the handy man, but what I really like to do… I LIKE TO SCREW!” and running through the crowd, ripping out notes from his guitar, he left audiences jaw dropped and in awe. The best description comes from a review of a battle of the bands he competed in: “…The big surprise however was from a local band featuring Jim Peat and Don (Burgin that is). Through a calming rock ballad, and multiple wailing guitar solos they wowed and astonished both crowd and judges.”
Now moving on from his rural rocking Jimmy Peat is attending Indie Music Production at Seneca college, so he can continue rocking and rolling until the day he dies (or becomes a vegetable… which ever one comes first).


Fame & Fortune

Written By: Jimmy Peat

I don't call it bling bling
Call it a Rolex but its the same thing
Fast cars
Black Tuxedo, gold credit card
Women with legs
High heels, and gucci bags
Premium Gasoline
When I fill up my limousine

I want FAME!
Give me FAME!
If you think money can buy you love you're a fool
But money CAN buy me a pool!
Give me fame and fortune

Big Fuckin' Mansion
used to be a shack until I put on the expansion
Golf and Country Club
Go out sink some balls, come back get some love
Front page of tabloids
They'll make me famous but I'll still get annoyed
Private airplane
Takes me to my cottage in South-east Spain


A garbage pail for dirty money
Underneith my kitchen sink
Rolling dubes with $100 bills
What would my mother think?
Alligator skin suitcase
for when I go and hit the road.
Hanging out with famous movie stars
And back stage at private shows

Give me Fame... Fame and fortune- repeat
Diner parties with Hugh Hefner
Swiss Bank account
Butlers- no wait... French maids!