Jimmy Pizzitola

Jimmy Pizzitola


His voice is comforting, unique, and familiar. His performances are emotionally powerful, intellectually stimulating, and socially relevant. His songs are a whole lot better than most. From teens to forty-somethings and everywhere between - people love the music.


If you've ever been to Houston, you'll know how much driving is involved in everything you do. Being the youngest of four children, I spent a large part of my earliest years riding with my mother as she drove carpool, ran errands, etc...Though things like Fresca and Zero bars take me right back to that blue Chevy Malibu, what I took from it was a love of music, and more particularly, singer/songwriters. My mom would listen to the popular radio of the time (early 70's) as well as her well-stocked 8-Track collection of folksingers like Neil Young, Gerry Rafferty, James Taylor, Leon Redbone, and Jim Croce. I quickly learned every word to every song. Fast forward a few years to hunting/football/fishing road trips with my father and Grandfather - enter Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, etc...Throw in some time spent in the only Punk band at my all boy Catholic high school...Prince, Sam and Dave - and ultimately my introduction to the Music of Townes Van Zandt -and that will pretty much round out most of my early influences.

I've always been a singer, first and foremost - wanting to deliver a song in a way that it can be both felt and understood. With that in mind, any singer knows he's only as good as the song he's singing. My earliest attempts at songwriting came when I was just out of law school. Songs like "Sweet Marie" and "Where's the Johnny Cash in Your Jukebox?" became instant hits with my small but loyal fan base at the time. After trying to fit myself into the corporate/lawyer world for a few years and ultimately being blessed with a daughter - my songwriting once again came to the forefront around 2005. In 2006 I was fortunate enough to be included in a book on Texas Troubadour's by Steve Harris alongside of folks like Billy Joe Shaver, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson. Though they will be forever in a class above the rest - I'll put a song like "First Train" or "Fresh Water" up against their best and not be ashamed, because I think we were drawing from the same well.

I like children, dogs, birds and flowers. I like people though I'm not much for parties. I like songs that move me cause it makes me feel alive. I sing songs to people and I'd love to sing some to you sometime.



Written By: Jimmy Pizzitola

© 2007 Jimmy Pizzitola

I applied for employment at my local coffee shop
School was out and dad swore the gravy train would stop
Mom bought me a power tie
Sister styled my hair
I was sure I had it licked, til I saw the Questionnaire
There were questions about my hobbies
Questions about my grades
Questions about my past that made me question everything
I swallowed hard and fought back the urge to hit the door
Felt like I was naked, spent, and she was wanting more and more

I wrote all I could stomach about my first love’s bitter end
How she lead me to the punch line
And slipped out back with him
I tried to deny it, but the lipstick on his shirt
Matched the polish I had bought her
And there were grass stains on her skirt
I left out the ending, cause I really needed work
Thought he was a friend, he said he’d only wanted her

They wondered what I wanted
They wondered how I felt
About the time my folks split about the time that I could tell
There were true and false and essays
Short answers and you guess
I finally just gave up and told ‘em “This is how I is…

I sit in coffee shops
Scribble in a notebook
Smile at strangers
And get back strange looks
I make “to do” lists
Don’t get a lot done
I’m betting someday
My day will come”

She stood and said they’d call me
If something opens up
Walked me out the back door
I started up my truck
Took out all my money
Bought a tank of gas and Coke
Pointed towards the highway
And headed down the road
I’m sure my dad will find me
Probably kill me when he does
Til then I’ll just lie low as a poet on the run

Sitting in coffee shops
Scribbling in notebooks
Wishing the world would stop giving me such strange looks
Recalling back when time just sat there on your arm
Letting days go by, never meaning harm
Seems like lives ago
But it was only years
Since they sold us on trading love for fear
Yeah they sold us all
On trading love for fear

First Train

Written By: Jimmy Pizzitola

He stepped into the station with a dollar and a blanket for the cold
The Man just stood there staring when he showed him his ID, said "Son, seems the year took a toll."

He tipped his hat and forced a smile, all the while he was holding back the tears.
Then he climbed aboard and settled into the first train leaving here.

Through the window, past the mountains, the sun was on the rise. He drew the shade and drifted up above - where water-colored angels sat mourning lullabies upon a world all but gone.

He hummed along - on the first train leaving here.

leaving here - he's Leaving here on the first train leaving here.

All aboard were restless
for a rumor rambling round said a bridge ahead was short on tracks and a long way down rose a river raging angry as the towns they left behind -
Nobody'll find the first train leaving here

leaving here - they're leaving here on the first train leaving here
leaving here - moving on -
leaving here - next stop gone

Awakened by the shouting, he prayed and found his piece -
took aim and counted, then gazed in disbelief
for there were no bandana'd bandits, just a sky blown clear to blue passing through the first train leaving here

Leaving here - we're leaving here
on the first train leaving here
Leaving here - Moving on
Leaving here Next stop gone
Leaving here - next stop gone

Just Me

Written By: Jimmy Pizzitola

It seems like the whole damned world's going crazy - but it's just me, it's just me
My third eye ain't quite blind, but it sure gets hazy - but it's just me, it's just me
My mind races 'round like a roller-coaster carnival train
I spend all my time watching dogs running round in the rain
Chasing thunder til memory quits, looking everywhere but up for it - Is it just me? It's just me


I think I need therapy -
maybe just religion
I used to have a shotgun, but it was pawned long ago.
I fall in love with strangers I pass on the sidewalk
i tell myself that they're smiling just for me.

Drinking night into day and burning light into dark
Howling into the haze and leaving everything marked
Taking aim at the moon and shooting stars in their eyes - until time stands still and whips me back into line

I think I need therapy
probably pure religion
i used to have a shotgun, but it was pawned long ago
I like sitting with strangers I pass on the sidewalk
we can share the paper without a word

A Cat Named Steve

Written By: Jimmy Pizzitola

It was the rain that made me wish I had a cat to pet
I’d listen to him purr as he sprawled across my chest
I’d look into his eyes and swear he knows each thought I think
He’d run behind me to the kitchen and we’d share some potted meat

I’d show him all the picture frames
With the pictures still inside
I think of them as friends
Though a few still have their price
He’d lick his lips and beg for seconds Knowing I’d give in
When night falls we’d watch a movie on the couch
Just me and him

Me and steve,
pardon me, Steve and I
We always would see eye to eye
His has his ways - forgives me mine
But no old flame will come between Steve and I

We'd grow tired of the violence and the sex scene clichés
So we'd flip on the AM to see what Art would say
He still won’t admit it - And I know that he ain’t dumb
I can’t blame him - every time I face it teardrops come

me and steve,
pardon me, steve and I
we always would see eye to eye
his has his way
with me and mine
even tears can’t squeeze between steve and I

He had always been a wanderer
and I knew it couldn't last
and I should have seen it coming
‘cause the neighbors fed him canned
still it shook me up the morning
I woke to find he’d gone away
So I printed out a picture
And slipped it in a dusty frame

Of Me and steve
Steve and I
We always saw
Slit eye to eye
He's gone his way
Left me behind
Now the room don’t seem the same
With him there inside that frame
And dusty glass between Steve and I

I used to like the rain
I fear it was the name
That finally came between Steve and I

Where's the Johnny Cash?

Written By: Jimmy Pizzitola


Where the hell's the Johnny Cash in your jukebox?
You call yourself the honkiest-tonkiest bar around
Then where the hell's the Johnny Cash in your jukebox?
The closest thing's "The Biggest Fool in Town"

I know You've got sawdust on your dance floor, longnecks and neon signs.
It takes a whole lot more than that and a few scattered cowboy hats to make me feel at home when I'm drinking her off my mind

Where the hell's the Johnny Cash in your jukebox? You call yourself the honkiest-tonkiest bar around. I see a bunch of cats in baseball caps singing about their college days, but there ain't one country song to be found.

I came here to drown my sorrow and listen to some songs that I call friends - but I won't live to see tomorrow if I've got to hear "The Road Goes on Forever" again

where the hell's the Johnny Cash in your jukebox? You call yourself the honkiest-tonkiest bar around - then where the hell's the Johnny Cash in your jukebox? the closest thing's "The Biggest Fool in Town"

I like real country music when I'm down


2007 - Just Me
Currently getting airplay on KOOP in Austin, Texas - "Where the Hell's the Johnny Cash in Your Jukebox?