Jimmy Reeves

Jimmy Reeves


"For learning you listen to the language" -H. Gaerlan


Jimmy Reeves songs are stories of love, heartbreak, and searching. The songs were largely composed after relocating to Brooklyn, NY, but the material ranges in age "some of the melodies have been with me over 5 or 6 years". The songs strive to touch the primal, honest places.


Broken Glass Windows

Written By: Jimmy Reeves

Bleeding thoughts
and broken glass windows
You just cannot
catch a break in this dirty town

And it goes on and on and on (4x)

You're always a hand down
and you're down on your hands and knees
You're cleaning floors
And cursing the man
Who's left you to your own
To your own defenses

And it goes on and on and on (4x)

I wish that I could take
All of your sweet pain
I'd wash it all away
So you'd never feel it again

But it goes on and on and on

On and on and on (2x)
you just want someone who loves you the most
On and on and on (4X)

Bleeding thoughts
and broken glass windows

Your Love Is A Precious Thing

Written By: Jimmy Reeves

Your Love is a Precious Thing

Sometimes I think
God sent me to you
Just to let you know
That sometimes a man
does just what he says he'll do

And it breaks my heart to know that
life has taught you not to trust
But who can argue with the life you've lived
And who can make a father give what he has not?

You've got to find your own way to forgiving

But I know it takes time
and searching to break through
the bitter walls and
get free from that burden

You can trust me (4x)

I'll lead you on - delicately

Because your love is - a precious thing

©2006 Jimmy Reeves


The Axe & the Tree

Set List

Set is typically 7-9 songs, 30-45 minutes.
Songs: Jonah, Broken Glass Windows, Novocaine Hearts, Your Love is a Precious Thing, The Axe & the Tree, Ameriquality, Surely You'll Find, Letter to Home, I Will Wait, The Darkness, Full of You

Covers: Boots of Spanish Leather - Bob Dylan