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"Jimmy ROLAND Talks Devil Worship in the Music Industry"

R&B/dance singer Jimmy Roland stops by Jeff’s SUV/house. Jimmy mentions how certain entertainers get into devil worship. You can learn more about Jimmy Roland at the following web sites: http Recorded 2011 06-09... - 108 Music Videos

"Tucson Pride MAin Stage Entertainers"

Jimmy Roland:

Jimmy ROLAND has shared main stage billing with many heavy hitters. These include: Patti LaBelle, The Village People, KC & The Sunshine Band and so many more. In 2007, Roland came up with a Dance song he titled “Guaranteed”. Well received in clubs, this track also made it to the #1 position on a Sirius Satellite Radio’s Top 20 charts. My Jamaica, Got To Be Real, Brokenhearted, My House, Just Like That andYou’re My Everyday Holiday are just a few of this artist’s most popular songs. He pens most of his songs lyrics independently as well as the melodies. His “live” performances shows that he enjoys what he does, as he gives his heart and energy to his audiences - Tucson Pride, Inc.

"OutRadio July Playlist Featuring K.D. Lang and Jimmy Roland"

One of my favorite artists is Jimmy Roland. I was thrilled to see him featured on JD Doyle's latest playlist. I also learned Mr. Roland has a new dance track out with Dr. Kmer. Previously, the twosome became a big hit on Logo's The Click List.

I had the pleasure of seeing KD Lang in concert. It was amazing to witness her wacky sense of humor. Women from the audience hit on her left and right.

Jimmy Roland's You (Original Mix) -


K.D. Lang's Sing It Loud -


OutRadio for July


Lots of new music this month, of many genres, and Part 3 is my salute to the Out in the Woods Music Festival, at Easton Mountain, near Albany, NY, August 13-14. I’m psyched, because I’ll be there..:)

Part 1 – 63:14

Bright Light Bright Light – Love Part II (acoustic version)

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Holly Elle – Freak (2011)

Rebecca Drysdale – It Gets Better (2010)

Alexander – Tough Luck (2010)

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Hug Party – Good 4 Them (2011)

Terry Guy – People Piss Me Off (2010)

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Declan Bennett – Love Wins (2011)

Eric Himan – Is This My Life? (2011)

Eric Himan – Lonely No More (2011)

Eugene Ebner – Always Meant To Be (2010)

Jimmy Roland – Brokenhearted (2011)

Ryan Cassata – The Trans Slam (2011)

Ryan Cassata – Going West (2011)

Humble Tripe – Washington (2010)

Zoe Boekbinder – Inexorably (2010)

Bright Light Bright Light – Love Part II (2010, official mix)
- Mike Andrews

"Jimmy ROLAND: "My Jamaica" / "Guaranteed" (Visions of Jah in my head)"

Jimmy Roland - "My Jamaica" / "Guaranteed"
Versions of jah tourists dancing in my head

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Jimmy Roland

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Call the public relations people of Jamaica tourism quickly; we have a new jingle singer on the block! Jimmy Roland sings a potential new anthem of the island that stretches from Ocho Rios to Kingston and Negril. “My Jamaica” is a CD that embodies a heartfelt love for the island which was once a haven for pirates, so one legend goes. It is also the export place for Reggae, Soca, Calypso and dub music as you probably already know. Not that Roland is another Luther Vandross, but listening to him here reminds me of when Luther was just under the radar back in 1980, singing Juicyfruit and Doublemint gum jingles. Listening to “My Jamaica” one can imagine sitting on a white-sandy beach during a hot and sultry sunset or experiencing the waterfalls there-as this trade-wind soothing tune he croons and you want to hear it again and again. This should truly be the new theme for attracting the world to “JA” even though to date apparently, and as he told me, tourism and the Marley clan have endorsed the “One Love” lyric as its’ theme for the time being. It’s probably the opportunity for something fresh. If not there, then call the Chamber of Commerce in Jamaica, Queens in New York City!

But wait! Don’t go away because I suddenly find myself with another Roland CD, entitled “Guaranteed”. So I called him up on the tele, and he proudly told me that it is just making the Dance charts out there in Los Angeles! On this one Roland goes for the mainstream Dance music floor filler. It pumps, breaks-down, and comes back up to straight-up-tempo club classic style, and seems to be ready for “rhythmic” urban radio formats as well. He told me that the help in producing came from “Felly” a producer from France.

During our phone chat, I found Roland to be a very cheerful, humble chap. He told me that his heritage has media roots, naming Kelly Price and Leo Stallworth amongst them. And even though he has crooned a splendid ode to the popular Caribbean island, he is not from there; he is a Texan from Taylor which is near Austin. That makes the feeling he put into the song even more awesome. He says to look to his Myspace page, www.myspace.com/thejimmyroland.com for a tease of his next song, “The Way She Moves”. That title sounds familiar to me, dear reader, and I just haven’t placed it yet. Therefore it could be a cover or something totally fresh, we’ll just have to listen. In the meantime, I think JR deserves a nice four stars for his recent work. I hope he stays focused and hungry in order to attract more creativity for the forthcoming album. - About.com (A part of The New York Times Company).


1) "Change" - Single (February 23, 2012) Dj Hakuei ft. Jimmy ROLAND
2) "Greatest Dance Songs" (2011-2/disc Cd) - Jimmy ROLAND
3) "My House" (MultiMix House Single 11/10) - Jimmy ROLAND w/ DJ Hakuei
4) Just Like That - Sgl. '11 (Dr. Kmer & Jimmy ROLAND)
5) "It's All About Us" - Cd (2010) Dr. Kmer & Jimmy ROLAND
6) "It's Christmastime" - Single (11/10) Dr. Kmer & Jimmy ROLAND
7) "Got To Be Real" - Mega Single 2009 - Dr. Kmer ft. Jimmy ROLAND (w/ heavy MTV-LOGO rotation and a #1 on Charts)
8) "Guaranteed" - Sgl. '07 - DJ Felly ft. Jimmy ROLAND (#1 on Sirius Satellite Radio)
9) "My Jamaica" - Sgl. 2007 - Jimmy Roland (#22 US Charts)
10) Under The Moonlight - Ep / 2000 (John Lennon Records)



‘Change’ is his latest music recording title. The recording is scheduled for release on February 23, 2012. With lyrics penned by the artist and all vocal performances by him as well, this House/Urban Jazz flavored track is one that you’ll definitely want to add to your music collection. Collaborator and music-businessman (from Japan), Hakuei Kameda, provides the music and production. Born in the small town of Taylor, Texas, on September 14th; now residing in Los Angeles, Ca, ladies and gentlemen meet…Jimmy Roland!

As the forth child emerging from a family of nine, Jimmy Roland has always been fascinated by the sounds of music. His mother was a pianist and singer and his three older sisters (one of whom is the mother of nephew, ABC Eyewitness News reporter, Leo Stallworth), gained popularity as a Gospel singing group.

Although much of Jimmy’s musical experience came from his older siblings and church musicians as a child, it was the Motown sounds that really caught Jimmy’s attention. During college, Roland would spend his evenings in clubs that offered open mic nights. This is where he would really learn his craft and also caught the attention of many songwriters and producers. He became a constantly working demo-singer in the Los Angeles area.

The demo singing led to his first professional recording contract with SGP records in Hollywood. A few years later, he signed with a label in Toronto, Ontario – Canada. His first attempt as a professional songwriter came while his first CD, Under The Moonlight’ with the Canadian label, was being produced. The song ‘My Jamaica‘, landed a spot on that CD. A few years later, a producer in France heard the track and asked permission to remix it. Permission was granted and the song reached #22 on a few US Dance charts. It was also taken along with Jimmy to a division of Warner Chappell, where Jimmy was offered a five-year publishing deal.

October ‘08 brought Jimmy Roland and Italian producer Dr. Kmer (aka Paolo Stocchero) together. This time, the genre of music being produced would be Electronic/Dance. In January ’09, the duo released their first collaboration entitled ‘Got To Be Real’. The charts of a popular online Dance radio station showed that the song had reached #1. A few months later, the video to this song premiered on MTV-LOGO’s ‘NewNowNext PopLab Series’ and continued to receive heavy rotation. A year earlier, Roland had jumped to #1 on a Sirius Satellite Radio Stations Top20 charts with his song ‘Guaranteed’.

Jimmy Roland has shared main-stage billing with acts such as The Village People, Patti LaBelle, KC and The Sunshine Band and many more. When he delivers a song, you can feel his heart and every emotion that he is feeling. The songs that he’s written can really be felt, as, he’s lived it. When asked, Jimmy will not hesitate in letting you know that Dionne Warwick and Barry White were the star artists that influenced his vocal sound/style. Roland was finally lucky enough to meet his First Lady, Dionne Warwick on Friday, January 13, 2012. Thirteen days into the New Year and it’s looking good. His new CD ‘Change’ is forthcoming and Jimmy says that he is really looking forward to promoting it. He says the DJ Hakuei out did himself on this one with the production. The two first got recognition in late 2010 with their release of "My House'.

His most recent performance was in Tucson, Az at Kino Memorial Stadium (home of the Arizona Padres) where the audience and crew was wonderful. If you’ve not had the opportunity to see this R&B/House artist perform live, make plans to see him the next chance you get.