Jimmy Roman

Jimmy Roman


The style of my music would be called acoustic/pop/rock. Not too much of the pop/rock but enough to earn the label. Lyrically my songs are very much along the lines of Coldplay, Magnet, and Griffin House, in the manner that they are simple but to the point.


2006 proved to be a tumultuous year for Jimmy Roman. With his band splitting and his fiance leaving him, songwriting was the only thing left for him to pour his heart into. Enter Vagabond’s Riches. Produced and recorded by Fidelity Entertainment Groups’ CR Pendleton (Relient K, John Reuben, Spoken, Jeff Anderson), the EP brings a refreshing sound to a dehydrated market of music. The lyrical content alone will make you realize what you’ve been missing in a song, heartfelt honesty.

It’s hard to believe that songs such as “Touch and Go” and “Notion of Trust” could sound so musically positive yet lyrically tenacious in it’s presentation of questions with love and trust. Jimmy Roman inspires the listener to be honest with themselves as well as those around them. “I believe that there is a lack of vulnerability in some music today”, says Jimmy. “I want my fans to question all the information that is thrown at them whether it be religious, political, or musical. Then I want them to realize behind all of these masks lies hope!”

Inspiration from relationships, social justice, and the search for “who we are,” is what fuels Jimmy Roman’s songwriting. If you’ve heard him perform live then you’ll notice his honesty as well as his musical talent. While many singer/songwriters have a hard time keeping pitch, Jimmy works hard at the quality of his vocals while maintaining passion in his performance. “Of course I want people to come back to my shows, so I feel it’s necessary to bring my best.“
Whether it’s with just a guitar and backtracks, or with a band, Jimmy Roman commands the attention of his audience. Forcing them to wrestle with internal questions but yet leaving them with a sense that the world’s going to be okay.

Drawing from influences such as Jars of Clay, Griffin House, and Matt Nathanson , Jimmy Roman has poised himself for a full- length record sure to turn heads and win over hearts. Jimmy Roman’s four song EP is slated for release on July 19th, and his full-length record will land in early January ’09. Both will be released on indie record label ECI Records (www.ecirecords.com).


Touch and Go

Written By: Jimmy Roman


She’s a victim of her own confusion
He’s a carnivore who’s looking
For another feast
He says free your mind don’t ever use it
Cause tonight I’ll be a man
When I’m done I’ll let you leave

There’s no room for losers
Crowding our atmosphere
You’re lucky to be in the clear

Do you know?
It’s a game of touch and go
Leaves you on a sorry note
Of a song that has one chord
One more chance
Don’t you wish you could’ve had
At least a fight to take it back
Now the moment’s here and gone

You’re a victim of your own delusion
This has become your score card
And the only thing you know

What a shame to use her
And abuse the soft spot in her
Heart reserved for love

Beautiful you are
Treasured beyond scars
Love was never meant for you to waste

Copyright 2006 Tragic Union Music

Notion of Trust

Written By: Jimmy Roman


Torn between a friendship and the fear
Of losing it all here
There’s no way around it
Turn back now from the innocence and drive
And soon you will find
You just can’t deny it

Something’s missing tonight
Void of reason and life
You fill the emptiness with
All things failing
Stop the bleeding right now
I would if I just knew how
When all else fails we might have
Found the notion of trust

I may be so out of my mind
But I’m too afraid to hide
Cause what’s next consumes me

Search but the answer’s crystal clear
Take your sympathetic ear
Listen to what surrounds you, Yeah

Dust and burnt down bridges
Don’t seem beautiful within
Solitude is better
When the truth’s your only friend

Copyright 2006 Tragic Union Music

So Long

Written By: Jimmy Roman


Dream your dreams
When tomorrow comes
The cynics they
Will hit and run what you
So desperately tried to free

I prefer to dream of her
Next to me ‘neath the blanket of these stars
Whispering these words

If it’s amazing
And if it’s true
I wanna spend my days
Wasting them with you

Ask me how much love will take
It will undermine the very thing you want
But give you what you need

After all I want is some wedding bells
And some freedom from this little hell when i
Will whisper in her ear

If it’s amazing
And if it’s true
I’m gonna spend my days
Living them with you

Copyright 2007 Tragic Union Music


Written By: Jimmy Roman


Bright eyes
You necessitate this song
At the red light
Where I was too long
Complicated, overrated, misunderstood

Let me see your smile again
For the last time
Before my world can end
Would you rather have it any other way

Do you feel
What is and isn’t real
What’s losing it’s appeal
Something’s gotta give
Cause it’s not getting any easier
I’ve crossed that bridge too many times
Told myself too many lies
When falling into this
Is so much easier than being in love with you

I think of where I’ve been
At the green light
Waiting for your hand
Are we ever going to have another chance

Copyright 2007 Tragic Union Music


Written By: Jimmy Roman

Verse 1:
Cold days
Have entered through my window
Without an explanation
Why the sun won’t shine
If all this refusal has a purpose
Then make it rather obvious
And sound alarms

That tell me
This was just a mantle
Covering the parts we used to know
Hold true
But satisfy the ransom
Pulled in each direction
What’s your name?

Verse 2:
Shook up
Apparent this is unlike
Any day we’ve ever
Come in contact with
What’s tragic
Is after it’s all over
We find a way to
Vanquish questions still inside

Common sense tells me otherwise
Takes me by surprise
Until I find
someone who understands
And it’s true that I’m a lot like you
Struggling with the proof
That tells me what I’m
So sure I believe

Copyright 2008 Tragic Union Music

Breathe Deep

Written By: Jimmy Roman

Verse 1:
Take one step back
and think for awhile
How can I keep this thing
from spinning wild
If only once I could see
what this means
He’s orphaned one too many a son
And his daughter’s heart
is making a run
For a place that’s free
free from everything

Breathe in deep
Open wide your eyes and see
When you give up on me
You lose your life
You disown your creed

Verse 2:
When there’s more to life
Then an income of wealth
How could you refuse
To be one with your spouse
When all she needs,
is your everything

We could keep going on without you
If that’s what we’d need
But it’s wrong

Copyright 2007 Tragic Union Music


Vagabond's Riches EP (Released August 2006)
Track listing:
1. Touch and Go
2. Heart of Your King
3. Notion of Trust

Set List

A typical set list runs for an hour to an and consists of 10-12 original songs. Some songs are performed with just an acoustic guitar, while others are performed with guitar and tracks. Jimmy Roman doesn't do covers.

Sample Set List (Original)
1. So Long
2. Sunshine
3. Name
4. Notion of Trust
5. Just To Love
6. Stay Here
7. Heart of Your King
8. All I Need
9. If I Cannot Love You
10. Breathe Deep
11. Touch and Go