Jimmy Ryan

Jimmy Ryan

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

My latest project is as stripped -down and bareboned as I can make it.It's just Mandolin and Voice.It's pretty raw & powerful in that old Mountain Hillbilly Punk Rock kind of way.High & Lonesome will be in full effect.It's not something you hear every day. chk.jrmando.com for other projects!


I guess you'd have to call this music Americana/Alt-Bluegrass. I've been playing Mandolin for over 30yrs in all different types of musical contexts.In recording sessions(see discography at jrmando.com) as well as touring domestically & internationally with a variety of artists.This is my first outting as a solo artist.I also have a quartet called Jimmy Ryan & Hayride! based in the Boston area.I hope to get an opportunity to promote my newest cd "Jimmy Ryan-Mandolin".And hopefully Sonicbids can help out!


John Brown

Written By: Jimmy Ryan

I was there when John Brown died
13 steps to the gallows high
Saw the look upon his face
He was a proud man no disgrace

You wouldn't know to look at you
that man died lord he got screwed
All for his love of man
These days couldn't give a damn

When she kissed him goodbye
She had no clue it was for the very ast time
You always think you always plan
you never know when you're going to lose that man


There's a pain it's in my chest
Now that's a pain just like all the rest
The kind of pain you can't let go
The kind of thing we all must know


"Jimmy Ryan-Mandolin"-2009
"Fun With Music"-Jimmy Ryan & Hayride-2007
"Gospel Shirt"-Jimmy Ryan & Hayride-2005
"Lost Diamond Angel"- Jimmy Ryan-2002.
All of these tracks can be found online.Just google Jimmy Ryan Mandolin for downloads etc.

Set List

Most songs I do are original with some curious covers like "Love Vigilantes"-by New Order."Sympathy For The Devil"-by The Rolling Stones. As well as a smattering of old Bluegrass standards,but,mostly original.