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Jimmy Screech is an artist who has cultivated his own fresh sound, fusing dub, reggae and hip-hop, that is instantly catchy both melodically and lyrically. And undeniably unique.. Screech is championed by Roots Manuva. Who also appears on Jimmy's recent single 'Dollyanna'.


"When I was a kid the only music I heard playing on my estate was reggae and hip-hop...It used to bounce off the concrete and resonate all around... I guess that's why my sound has such deep roots in both genres..."

Early 2009 was a phenomenal start for rising Hip-Hop/reggae artist Jimmy Screech to say the least. Having supported world renowned heavy weight artists such as Roots Manuva, Ghostface Killer (Wu Tang Clan), Ugly Duckling, The Dub Pistols, Dreadzone, Method Man, Redman and shared the stage with Mark Ronson, Jimmy needs little introduction.

With previous collaborations under his belt with Ricky Ranking (Roots Manuva/The Bug) and the Grammy nominated Tippa Irie (Black Eyed Peas/Saxon Sound International/Sublime), Jimmy's talents are a much sought after commodity. Having already recorded with The Nextmen a track for their forthcoming album ‘Join The Dots’ and with Roots Manuva featuring on Jimmy’s much anticipated album; it's not just the great public that have taken notice.

From the incredible underground success of the previous singles ‘Wood 4 The Treez’ and ‘Scandalous’ (feat. on iTunes ‘Best Of 2009’), we now present the double A Side ‘Jamaica’ and ‘Fly Away’ released on MAP Music on the 7th September. Fresh from remixing Roots Manuva’s 'Slime and Reason’ album, DJ Wrongtom lends his unique remixing skills to ‘Jamaica’, whilst rising producer Crooklyn Static provides his remixing talent on ‘Fly Away’.

Catch one of Jimmy Screech’s electrifying live sets this summer on the Banana Klan Tour alongside staple supporter Roots Manuva as well as Ricky Ranking, Dawn Penn and Black Biscuit.

“…A distinctive and distinctively English voice.. bodes well for the full album” THE INDEPENDENT, ONE TO WATCH

“…Smart lyricism and mainstream hit potential” METRO, ONE TO WATCH

“…Cool yet catchy reggae - and hip hop - toned pop” TIME OUT

“…Considerable talent” KNOWLEDGE

“…One to watch” RWD

“…Londons rapidly rising star”

“…South Londoner Jimmy Screech certainly possesses uniqueness” M8

“…Jim Screech is a truly diverse, big and heavy talent. Expect big things from this man over the next twelve months” BRAD ELLIS, THE NEXTMEN

“…Only once in the history of music comes an artist with the ferocity, courage, originality and sheer magnetism as a Jimmy Screech" YOUNG EINSTEIN, UGLY DUCKLING

“…An on-topic frenzy of melodic and forward-looking reggae-hip-hop” HIP HOP CONNECTION

“…wholeheartedly recommend… worth checking for sure” ****IDJ MAGAZINE

“…entertaining with a capital “E.”” ECHOES MAGAZINE

“…this colourful musician is ready to shake up the music industry”

“…unique” THE VOICE


Wood 4 the Trees

Written By: Jimmy Screech

Its me same old me the veteran soldier from the south east with a swagger and a bop from mi heel to mi top,
But when you come around girl all that stops,
You don’t want this you don’t want that,
You don’t want a brother with a council flat,
You put out your hands for your income tax looking for a man like me to pay that,

Sub Chorus:
Wake up girl this is me,\
And you really gotta let me breathe,
You smothering my cool and my fire don’t need no fuel,
The rest is up to you,
Cause I’m gonna switch avenues,
You need to love me for me,
Cause ive run out of energy

Ever since I been with you girl,
Ive been a shadow of my former self,
And I really don’t wanna play you down,
But I cant see the wood for the trees when your around,

Change me change my clothes,
Hush when you see another girl on road,
Never wanna plain admit to the fact that every other girl is a threat cause how ya act just don’t go strictly no no,
I should have done this three months ago,
I wanted to see if you’ld turn it around you skid mistake screech better make a move now!!!

Sub Chorus:


My life must have a different meaning,
To the one that’s locked up in your brain and in your
Cause I get no movement and no feeling,
There ain’t no chemistry girl when im with you, (x2)


Written By: Jimmy Screech

I got work pressure mounting peer pressure mounting 99 problems yeah? Well who's counting,
The governers around trying to pile it on 'cause I never take part in the smile-a-thon,
You know,
Brown nose this and yes sir that and,
Cussing cause he thinks his firm deserves that
Grey skies and the rain keeps dropping in the ground and i'm down to my very last fifteen pound and guess what,
All that doughs for travel now im back inna the rat race inna the rablle,
Black suit black tie like an undertaker breifcase laptop and london paper,
A typical life for the worker drone till i close my eyes and I start to roam,
Cross land cross sea to my parents home,
Where the people give thanks for the air alone and im there.

Even through my hustle and my labour,
Im still dreaming of the beaches in Jamaica,
Sunshine frivalous behavior,
Yeah i yeah i,

Now its back to the hustle and back to the grind and,
Back to the one of many parking fines and,
Back to the right or left wing debate and,
Back to the struggling and all that hating,
Back to the smoking ban in work places,
Even thought their taxing it making their papers,
Back to the chicks that wanna be size zero,
Pub men sniffing that coke by the kilo,
Back to the remote flicking through the channels of reality t.v and c-List panels,
Back to the re-runs back to back,
When i dream of that blood i don't wanna come back,
A typical life for the workerdrone till i close my eyes and i start to roam,
Cross land cross sea to my parents home where the people give thanks for the air alone and im there


Like Steve Mcqueen i wanna great escape to where the land is green and no-one knows your face,
No pretence non of that acting stuff real people none of that plastic stuff,
People getting wrapped in or trapped in stuff in foresight.
It looks like attractive stuff then your knee deep in it,
3 piecing it, Airtight life style need a breach in it!!!!
You wanna draw breath when there's no air left and your looking for sanctuary when there's no where left,
No place to hide no friends for guides,
Every body in your mannor wanna undermine,
Its a typical life for the worker drone,
Till i close my eyes and i start to roam,
Cross land cross sea to my parents home where the people give thanks for the air alone and I'm there.


Your listening to a real man talking and singing louder (x2)

Fly Away

Written By: Jimmy Screech

All I wanna do is spend some time with you,
Maybe get to know you better and me too,
If i had my way i'd find myself footloose and fly away,
Baybe when im there with you i can do almost anything,

I know a lot of guys entertain and call your name and wanna know you better,
But will you be there when the weather change from sun to rain and with you forever,
I'm sick and tired of the evil minds when you try to climb they wanna be more clever,
Baby this is where I draw the line before I loose my mind an I'm a patient breda,

(Sub Chorus)
Sometimes in this world that where living in alot of people that you thinks there's not there with you,
They would rather see you burn in the fire drop down and retire so you stop the things you do,
Well let my tell you from the bottom of my heart lets make a new start and i'm here to build with you,
Lady the only way is up from thr bottom of the ladder lets climb,
But first i gotta tell you that.


Baby we're living in a crazy world where the people yearn for celebrity status
They wanna go and make history, living out there dream of being magazine famous,
All im looking is slice of life and a glass of love and maybe keep on learning,
All i wanna do is rise above and with you by side this is all the more worth it,

(Sub Chorus)


Come what may im moving,
I dont give a damn my minds made up,
My fire dont need fuelling,
Lets take a trip girl why wait up,
When this worlds confusing well have each other 'gainst violators,
Who wanna stop our movement,
Well have each other gainst violators who wanna stop our movement,
We'll have each other so their games up.


12" Ep - Jimmy Screech and Mysterious girl (double A side) - 2000
12" Ep - City Where I'm From - 2000
Multi-tasking - 2003
CD album 'In This Life' - 2006
12" Ep 'Rain Check' by Sam Frank - featuring Jimmy Screech - 2006
Wood for the Trees - Single 2008
Scandalous - Single 2009
Jamaica/Fly Away -7th September 2009
Know Better - Jan 2010
The Remedy - Forthcoming Album - Summer 2010

Set List

The set list usually comprises of an intro, in order to create more of an energetic atmosphere in the crowd, 'Attention', 'England', 'Lets Get Moving', 'Live Love and Learn', 'Wood For The Trees', Test this sound', 'Jamaica', 'Scandalous', 'Jamaica' and 'Toast To Fate'. 'Dub Style' is a crowd favourite the 'Dub Style All Stars' remix features Tippa Irie, Ricky Ranking and 2nice.