Jimmy Spits

Jimmy Spits

BandHip HopR&B

Jimmy Spits (formerly J Murda) songs use samples, and original music as a canvas to wordy, intelligent lyrics. He uses a keyboard, a synthesizer, an MPC, and Playstation Music Generator to create the beats.


After winning 4 talent shows at Hickman High School Jimmy Spits began performing at The Blue Note, Randy Bacon Art Gallery, The Sapphire Lounge, Earth Day and others. His demo's have been in the hands of DMX, Ant of Atmosphere, and Henry Rollins. He was signed to LemonDrop records in Springfield Missouri. He has played extensively in Springfield and Columbia Missouri.


2004- J Murda and The Musicians
2005- Sober People Unite
2007- Suburban Myth
2008-LeaPs and bounds

Set List

1. Drug Free (Radio Single)
2. The Street
3. Beyond Jay-Z
4.A Letter
6. Fiction
7. I'm Bigger than Her
8. Salivation
10.Last Call
11. This is what a feminist sounds like