jimmy the hat

jimmy the hat


im a one person band i play blues,jazz,and country!!!


my style off music is pop, country and jazz ,blues fison,


i have one cd and lots of songs, my cd is called breakaway!!!! i have songs called The Candle Song,The gift,old whats her name, Alot louder, Something real,Concrete and steel,Down at bensons,Feed Your dreams,Off bouron Street,Trying to remmber, Day to day,please dont hurt me,Wish from a far,Hazel eyes, Isint it strange..In a bowel. Old familaor tune.puppy love,Mr right now,sick and tired,one in a million,mississpi blues, jump suit blues,too bus blues,loves lullaby,boogie Woogie,We danced,lazy river day,Country pride,50,1,50, Am trak blues,Its not that bad,There you are, pizzia man, To indigo, RainBow Tales, men ain't supposed to cry,nearly grown ,When I'm through, Step back alittle closer, Tied up or tied down, Celebarte for me,

Set List

i usally play for 45 min or more