Jimmy Weibe

Jimmy Weibe


An all family member pop rock band .Chorus hook orientated with old school guitar solos. Fronted by the weibe twins 19 who switch off on guitar ,drums ,song writing & lead vocals


Modern pop rock with a classic rock feel. Influences Blink 182 Greenday,NFG, Beatles,Clapton,led
We are a 100% all family band with twins and 1 year younger brother and a dad who is 45 going on 21. Dad was born and raised in hollywood and went to hollywood high and pursued a music carreer back in the day and either sucked,never got a break or was destined to wait till now.


We have about 30 songs recorded to half assed to be happy with to release which is a matter of oppinion. Dateing back to 2002

Set List

typical set list is 10 songs running 45 minutes. All original songs and still coming at a rapid rate that is hard to keep up with. Because before they get done new ones come and take presidence over the incompleted songs. The Band lacks an authority figure such as an manager or producer because no wants to listen to dad or stuff would have been out years ago.