Jim Noir

Jim Noir


After spending the last twelve months working with the enigmatic Wasp Orchestra, Jim Noir returns to the nations ears and that in November 2007. A spanking new collection of four tracks, the "All Right" EP, will be released just in time for Bonfire Night.


Joining this mortal coil in the week that "I Love Rock And Roll" by Joan Jett was Number One in the hit parade, Jim Noir decided that 80's music and leg warmers were never going to float his boat. A steady and uneventful childhood suddenly exploded into life when the young Noir tuned in his radio to the (then) modern sounds of the underground Acid House and Rave era.

Thanks to an older brother, he was also introduced to the music of The Beatles, The Kinks and 60's Psychedelia. Inspired by all these new sounds, Jim Noir began experimenting with making his own music and the rest, as they say, is history.


'Eanie Meany' 7" Single - Released 13th December 2004

'My Patch E.P.' - 7" Single - Released 28th March 2005

'A Quiet Man E.P.' - LTD 7" Single - Released 15th August 2005

'Tower of Love L.P.' - Released 5th December 2005

'All Right E.P.' - LTD 7" Single - Released November 2007