Jim Norcia

Jim Norcia


With his pure acoustic musical style, and his compelling, relatable lyrics, Jim Norcia is the quintessential singer/songwriter.


Original yet familiar...simple but complex...Jim Norcia’s music originates from a place of pure inspiration. As a young boy, Jim learned to play the piano, but rather than conform to traditional methodologies, he preferred to play by ear favorite songs he heard on the radio. Learning to play by ear attuned Jim’s sensitivity to music, and led him toward the first steps of his songwriting career. Improvising and bringing his own creative take to pre-existing music piqued Jim’s interest in songwriting, and he began to experiment with his own, original melodies.

Jim has received no formal training as a songwriter, and his music has an organic spirit. Rather than try to force his creative processes, he relies on a spark of inspiration—and a great source of creativity, to write his music. Accomplished songwriters praise his songs for their balance and form. Jim is particularly influenced by songwriting greats such as Billy Joel, Dan Fogelberg, and Elton John; slight echoes of their styles can be found within Jim’s music, but they serve only to enhance the originality of his works.

The majority of Jim’s music features piano and vocals, but he has written instrumental piano pieces as well. Piano is his main instrument, although Jim is frequently showcased for his vocal talents. Jim has also recently begun exploring a new home for his vocal talents. Along with his first music album, Jim is also in the process of recording an audio book, which was written by his father James Norcia, Sr.

Aside from his solo writing and performances, Jim often collaborates with other musicians. He is the keyboard player and background vocalist of CATEGORY 5, a blues/rock band based in Fort Pierce, Florida. The band plays primarily classic rock and blues covers, but has an extensive repertoire of original music written by the band members, including Jim. He is also the music director of the Unity Church of Fort Pierce. Since acquiring that position, Jim has begun to write inspirational music as well. Serving as music director provides Jim with the opportunity to make music with a variety of artists, ranging from guitarists to pan flute players.

Whether it is an art gallery, church, blues club, or playing for a party, these varied venues reflect Jim’s versatility as a performer and true artist. With his memorable melodies and emotive lyrics, Jim Norcia is at home in any environment where he can share his music.