Jim Ocean

Jim Ocean

 Guerneville, California, USA

Music for the MetaQuizzical. Smart musical wanderings through the comedies and tragedies of the human experience. Nick Drake meets the Beatles meets Nietzsche with a solar flashlight and a GPS.


Jim Ocean
Music for the MetaQuizzical


Jim has been writing and performing for 30 years, including being a founding member and primary writer for Celtic Elvis, the Dogmatics and Placebo Domingo. His albums include "The Rise and Fall of Practically Everything" and "Hard to be Real" with Celtic Elvis, "Fear and Love" with the Dogmatics plus two solo projects: Pop Tunes for Mystics and Macro2Micro, with more on the way.

Jim writes and performs in many styles with content ranging from the humorous to serious social commentary to the spiritual—sometimes weaving all three seamlessly within one song. Delivered with passion and humor, Jim's music is powerful, surprising, meaningful and fun!

Expect an intimate and lively experience whether Jim shares his trademark satire, his thoughtful ballads, his new collection of "poetic science" songs or a bit of all three. Jim specializes in dishing out tasty musical surprises that keep folks chewing for a long, long time.

Programs are available to fit your needs. Live shows vary from solo up to a six piece band. Instruments - Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards.


"Poetic and courageous, Jim's songs are intelligent, sometimes witty, sometimes serious, always deeply moving. Like a classic movie, his music remains relevant, fresh and worthy of listening to over and over."
--Paul Tumolo, Wild Plum Records

"Each song has a clear meaning. I can rely on each one." --A.S.

"Amazing music...I see it as an every person's journey for anyone who is ready to pay attention to the mystery of life." --V.R.



Featuring songs of science, satire and spirit. A musical smorgasbord where Jim weaves his trademark satire with his thoughtful ballads and his collection of "poetic science" songs. (A few cover tunes are sprinkled in for added flavor.)

Quote: “Ocean gives truth seekers plenty of new songs to hum. His songs are deep and romantic with themes of universal love, compassion, and courage.” J.C. "[Mixed in with]…some of the best satirical songs you’re likely to hear.”–Dirty Linen


Inspired by scientific discovery, Jim Ocean's poetic science" songs bridge the collective human mind to the collective human heart. An invitation to take stock of our current moment in history and to appreciate the mystery, wonder and awe that surrounds us.

Quote: “Jim Ocean is a bard for the science and spirit crowd. His songs combine metaphor with new discoveries. He’s the Carl Sagan of singer songwriters.” M.K.


A program chock-full of wickedly funny and thought-provoking social satire.

Quote: “Ocean consistently skewers modern life in the USA. The songs are smart, as well as clever, but avoid the novelty stance of going for cheap laughs. Instead, they get under the skin of contemporary facades and relationships. Music for our times” –Garth Johnson, Victory Music Review


THE METAQUIZZICAL CAFE: A Musical Science & Philosophy Salon
Tasty Edutainment for the Heart and Mind

"The Metaquizzical Cafe" is musical edutainment for those hungry for knowledge and meaning. Each unique event centers on the scientific or philosophical concept behind one of singer-songwriter Jim Ocean's original songs and is a fun and spicy blend of live music, science news, "meta-quiz", speaker segment and audience Q&A.

(See JimOceanMusic.com for a list of sample programs)


--The MetaQuizzical Cafe
--Poetic Science Revue (Generic Program)
--Poetic Science Revue (Space-related Science)
--Poetic Science Revue (Focus on the Environment)
--Music for the MetaQuizzical (Focus on Relationships)
--Music for the MetaQuizzical (Focus on Psycho-social Issues)


Clubs--Concert Halls--House Concerts
Conferences--Museums--School Assemblies
Libraries--Spiritual Living Centers


You name the occasion, concept and musical style, then Jim Ocean (aka "the song gerbil") will craft a song in record speed, guaranteed to your liking. (Recording services available as well.)



Macro to Micro

Written By: Jim Ocean

We are small
The smallest thing

You’ve ever seen
We are small
Our reality may be fantasy

We are vast as space
Bigger than the Milky Way
We can grow so wide
There’s a universe inside
I know…

Macro to Micro
Micro to Macro and
Macro to Micro again
Small as the atom
Large as the universe
Macro to Micro again

We are young
Younger than a baby born yesterday
We are young
We can barely form words to say

We are old
We’ve been around a long, long time
Old as dirt
Older than the stars that shine…

(repeat chorus)

Feel your blood
Flowing through the rivers in your arms
Feel your love
Flowing on forever to the stars

We are tall
Taller than the tallest tale
You’d fabricate
We are tall
The stories in our DNA

We are short
Our melodies don’t last that long
Short and sweet
Singing in an endless song

(repeat chorus)

Dark Matter

Written By: Jim Ocean

Astronomers lay awake in their beds at night
The thought in their heads there’s more dark matter than light
They stare through their ceilings as they drift off to sleep
Dreaming of dark invisible things in the deep

Stretching out in the night
With the universe, there in sight
Grab a star, hold on tight

Physicists try, they try hard to be cool
About all those things that they learned back in school
Like no matter what you might think of this place
Love it or hate it, it’s just all empty space…

Sinking down in your skin
There’s a universe there within
And where you end, you begin

Biologists act so detached, so blasé
Dissecting a heart is just so passé
But where did the love go that was deep in the vein?
Did it leave in the air? Will it return through the rain?

Flowing out through your blood
Sinking down in the mud
Life is meant to be loved…


Written By: Jim Ocean

Plastilla coalesced
In a fierce electric storm
Over the North Pacific Gyre

He took a massive breath
It echoed off the clouds
And crackled ‘round the Earth like fire

The next thing that we knew
Were the ships floating like jellyfish
With suffocated passengers and crews

The satellite photos
Showed a wall of water coming
Heading for the North Pacific Coast

Oh No! Plastilla! (3X)
Corre, corre, corre por tu vida!
Better run for your life!

Plastilla hit the shore
He swallowed Anchorage first
Then took Seattle with a plastic roar

Before we could react
Portland was attacked
He spread his wax up the Columbia River Gorge

We sent the submarines
Who fired all their means
But he just kept roiling to the south

We knew that we were doomed
When he swallowed all our nukes
And just blew smoke rings from his mouth

Oh No! Plastilla! (3X)
Corre corre corre por tu vida!
Better run for your life!

We barely had time
To make it out alive
We headed east as fast as we could go

We stared down from a peak
And watched that plastic sheet
Cover the Bay and Mt. Diablo

Now we’re stranded here in Denver
Where the Rockies bitter winter
Has slowed his plasticene tide

We have time for one more song
As a way to say “So long…”
As he crests the Continental Divide…

Oh No! Plastilla (3X)
He wants to shrinkwrap the Earth
Juego, juego, juego terminado!
Game over man!

Ghost Towns in Russia

Written By: Jim Ocean

I thought that I might find a place
To hide out from the human race
Before people like you
Drive me insane

So naturally I headed west
Til I met a man from Budapest
Who said, “Wait we’ve got a deal
In the Ukraine!”

He said there’s wide open spaces
Where you can feel all alone
Roam around some villages
Where no one is at home

And for very little money
You could ride out there tomorrow
Like a yankee Taras Bulba
I did go

Ghost towns in Russia
Where the air will make you sterile
Ghost towns in Russia
They’ll bring you vodka by the barrel
You may never go home anymore

Before you can say Gorbachev
They drove me here
And dropped me off
My driver didn’t say much on the way

I guess they don’t like Yankees here
The worry on his face was clear
Cause he pushed me out the door
And drove away

And there I sat with my potatoes
In the middle of the street
Listening to the wind blow
And the flies buzz in the heat
From the point of view of solitude
I guess it’s not so bad
You’ll find me sitting there
Just soaking up the rads

Ghost towns in Russia
Where the dust is always blowin’
Ghost towns in Russia
You’ll see the summer sunsets glowin’
Ghost towns in Russia
You may never go home anymore
You may never go home anymore


Someone get me outta here
This is such a strange vacation
Someone get me outta here
This holiday has gone astray
I may be a mutation

Well my time is up
I’ve had no rest
I need to go back to the west
I’m tired, radiated and alone

My sunflower seeds are almost gone
Winter, it is coming on
My parka and my gloves
Are back at home

At night I dream the Cossack cavalry
Is coming by to rescue me
Won’t someone call the embassy
My visa has run out, you see

And there’s so many stories
That I could tell you all about
Like how every day more of my hair
Keeps falling out

Ghost towns in Russia
Where the air will make you sterile
Ghost towns in Russia
They’ll bring you vodka by the barrel
Ghost towns in Russia
You may never go home anymore
You may never go home anymore


Written By: Jim Ocean

There are times in life when the road is clear
When you’ve found your passion and love is near
Like a river knows how to find the sea
You flow with purpose so easily

But there are times in life when you’ve lost your way
Kind of feels just like today

I don’t know where I’m going

There are times in life when a dream is young
Do you recall the feeling when it’s just begun
Though you struggle blindly you don’t give in
Something’s driving you right up to the rim

But there are times in life when you’ve lost your way
When it’s just enough to endure

I don’t know where I’m going

Somebody help me
Somebody please
Somebody help me
I’m Falling…

There are times in life when you get a chance
To do something different, maybe learn to dance
Better do it now while your feet are good
Years from now, you wish you could

Cause there’s times in life when you’re paralyzed
When it’s just enough to survive

I don’t know where I’m going

Somebody help me
Somebody please
Somebody help me
I’m Falling…


A collection of "poetic science" songs. Inspired by scientific discovery, the songs bridge the collective human mind to the collective human heart. An invitation to take stock of our current moment in time and to appreciate the mystery, wonder and awe that surrounds us.

This album started in 2005 after listening to Nick Drake’s “Five Leaves Left”. It’s an album for long drives in the country, watching the sun come up, or late night meditations on the stars.

KILL A TREE FOR CHRIST--A Christmas Novelty Song (2007)
An inconvenient Christmas Carol by Jim Ocean and the legendary Celtic Elvis. "Sure to be a Christmas classic for many years to come" - Dr. Demento

A CD recorded by Jim Ocean’s former band ‘The Dogmatics’ in Nashville, TN with the Grand ‘Ole Opry house band. The Dogmatics was comprised of singer/songwriters Jim Ocean, Randy Anger and Sarah Reynolds and was accompanied by the house band for the Grand Ole Opry which included musicians Kerry Marx, John Gardner, Bob Patin and Byron House.

An album by the third incarnation of Jim Ocean's musical satire band Celtic Elvis which was recorded live at Strings—an invitation-only acoustic music salon in the East Bay near Berkeley. It features Jim Ocean (vocals, primary songwriter and lead guitarist), Randy Anger (guitar and lead vocals), Barbara Griesau (vocals), Cecelia Pierotti (violin), and Rich Wescott on (vocals and bass).

This album was recorded by the first incarnation of Jim Ocean’s musical satire group Celtic Elvis. The project was recorded at Emerald City studio in San Francisco in 1989 by the acclaimed engineer Gary Mankin.

Set List

Original Songs by Jim Ocean

Coming of Age in the Milky Way
Dark Matter
Four Percent
Ode to John Lowry Dobson
Lament of the Stem Cell
Loneliest Thing in the World
Lovelock Dilemma
Macro to Micro
Say Goodbye to the Moon
She's So Cold
The First to go Under
Super Earth

America is only as Good as your Next Door Neighbor
Baby Valium
Gas, Food, Lodging
Ghost Towns in Russia
Green Pictures
Growing up Ugly
Hard to Be Real
Help me, I’m Turning into my Wife
High on Stress
Hot House Flower
Kill a Tree for Christ
Little Head
Love as Real Estate
Male Pattern Numbness
Ritual Worrying
Road to Gridlock
Robinson Crusoe on Mars
Sacred Asian Man
Sex Crazed Intellectuals
Singing in the Acid Rain
Skinny Guys
Style over Substance
The Alien Immigrant Song
WII.FM (What's in