Jim Olivieri

Jim Olivieri

 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA

My music is that which is in my head at that specific moment. Whatever I am writing reflects me personally at that time. So my description of my music would be me, me in song form.


My influences are all types of music. Any noise. Even life as it happens before my eyes every second. My main influence has to be classic rock music. I dig albums still, and I mean LPs. What sets me apart from others is that no one else in the world knows what is going on in my head and in my life, specifically, besides me. My story is plain and simple I enjoy music in every size, shape and color. I started playing the guitar first, then progressed to piano, then drums, then bass. I have played in a few bands and enjoyed every second of it. I will continue to love music until the day I die.


I have unfortunately released no singles or LPs. Nor do I have airtime. That is why I am doing this...ain't it??

Set List

My typical set list is 20 to 30 songs of mixed music. Including originals, and a few covers. My typical repertoire is classic rock arranged for acoustic guitar and other acoustic instruments.