Jim Paradis

Jim Paradis

 Guilford, Connecticut, USA

Jim Paradis is a solo acoustic performing songwriter. After years of solo performance in CT he is taking his show to New England, Nashville and beyond. Armed with stories of life, love & loss, his poetic lyrics & soaring melodies reveal the extraordinary in the commonplace.


Just two weeks after he picked up his first guitar, Jim Paradis joined a blues band. He was thirteen years old. But this unique singer/songwriter soon widened his musical horizons by becoming a member of an original progressive rock band, then a touring Rock and Roll band. Jim also enjoyed playing bass and singing in Gary Burr’s band, showcasing Gary's original songs, including "Love's Been a Little Bit Hard on Me," which launched Gary's Hall of Fame songwriting career.
Since then Jim has written hundreds of songs, recorded 3 CD's with October Moon and 2 solo CDs, "You are Here,” and his newly released "Almost Home." He is back in the studio working on his next release for the Summer of 2012. Jim often writes alone, but sometimes collaborates with October Moon band mate, Mark Mirando, or with Diane Solomon, known for her television variety show in England, as well as Gary Burr.
The songs Jim Paradis writes evoke a sense of home, love & loss and the changes life brings to a searching soul. Jim’s smooth, melodic voice and finger-style guitar work are the perfect compliment for his intimate and philosophical lyrics. But it is his magnetic warmth that lifts him above the rest; Jim draws people into the stories, into the energy, into the emotion of his heartfelt songs.
Now performing on stages, coffee houses and clubs throughout New England, New York, Boston and Nashville, Jim Paradis has shared the stage with many notables such as Gary Burr, Mark Mirando and Diane Solomon, as well as Ace, James Cotton Blues Band, Vance Gilbert, Angela Clemmons, Marc Douglas Berardo, Rupert Wates, Brad Yoder, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Dick Neal, Chuck E Costa, Eric Lichter, NRBQ, Fran McKendree.


When She Let's Go

Written By: Jim Paradis

When She Lets Go
© 2009 Jim Paradis

Deep in her heart - There’s a fire that burns
I can see when I look in her eyes
I don’t know what it’ll take – to get her to turn
That slow steady flame into a passionate cry

There’s a volcano building – an unspoken rush
Yet she’s placid, gentle and sure
But I feel the tremor – when we touch
There’s a fever that’s rising no doctor can cure

She’s been broken and tamed, hobbled and lamed
But her heart is about to explode
She’ll be baptized in fire, burned with desire
When that volcano finally blows
And I know
I want to be there
When she lets go

When she lets go – gonna be quite a show
As those flames shoot high in the sky
Lightning will flash – and thunder will roll
There won’t be any time for good-byes

She finds it hard to let go of the life that she knows
So pretty, so ordered and tame
She’ll tease and she’ll grin, but she won’t give in
To the fire that’s calling her name

For too long she’s held it inside
For too long she’s held back the tide

She’s only waiting – biding her time
Trying to live with the pain
But promises made – like ropes that are frayed
Are breaking under the strain

She’s been broken and tamed, hobbled and lamed
But her heart is about to explode
She’ll be baptized in fire, burned with desire
When that volcano finally blows
And I know
I want to be there
When she lets go

Wood nails and Love

Written By: Jim Paradis

Wood Nails and Love © 2008 Jim Paradis

In 28 he built a cabin. In 31 he died
When after 60 years we sold it, something in us cried
Cause it was more than just wood and nails
More than shelter from the gales
That blew in from the sea
It was a little piece of heaven
And a sweet, sweet memory

He moved up the street from her and by and by they wed
They just couldn’t stop having kids
And we’re sure glad they did
Cause we were more than just a family
A bunch of kids on their knees
In our suburban home
We had a little piece of heaven and a place to call our own

Well they said Grandpa was crazy to build that tiny shack
Mom & Dad were crazier yet with all those kids on their back
But that’s the kind of crazy we sure could use more of
Cause they made something beautiful
Out of wood, nails and love

I saw her and she saw me across that smoky bar
It didn’t take us all that long – we couldn’t be apart
We were more than just lovers
Our world above the covers
Our embrace - a fortress, strong
We had a little piece of heaven and we never were alone

Well the kids just kept on coming and how our dreams did grow
We sold the house, bought a plot of land – where the iron stream flowed
We used more than just wood and nails
A reckless faith that could not fail Our blood, sweat and hope
We built a little piece of heaven
And we brought our family home

Well they said we were crazy having all those kids
Said we ware even crazier to build that house up in the woods
I say that‘s the kind of crazy we could sure use more of
Cause we made something beautiful…
Out of wood, nails and love

Yeah, go make something beautiful…

Almost Home

Written By: Jim Paradis

Almost Home
© 2010 Jim Paradis

It’s right over there where the road bends west
You ride for a few miles – into the sunset
And turn onto a dirt road – about a mile after the tracks
Now this is where you gotta pay attention cause you might not get back

It’s a couple more miles till you get to the lake
There’s only one ways around it but I forget which road you take
You gotta cross the bridge to get over the stream
Then give it the gas cause that hill is steeper, steeper than it seems

But your almost home – To where no one knows you
Almost Home – To where you’ve never been
Almost Home – you’ve left that world behind you
Now you’re almost home – again

If it gets dark – you better stop and rest
You might try to follow the stars but that’s a pretty tough test
If the morning sun isn’t at your back
You better turn it around and find that road that’ll put you back on track

There’s a few too many broken dreams
Way too much make believe
There’s a man back there that’ll never live up to his mistakes
They say that home is where you hang your heart
Mine is in a million parts
So I’m picking up what’s left and heading home

It’s right over there – where the compass points south
I’ll have to sail for a couple of days ‘till I figure it out
But even if I’m just drifting there’s one thing that I know
The stars and the road, the wind and the sea are gonna carry me home

I’m almost home – To where no one will know me
I’m Almost home – To someplace I’ve never been
Almost home – Now I’ve left that life behind me
And I’m almost home – again
Almost home - again

All I'll Ever need

Written By: Jim Paradis, Mark Mirando

You smiled, took my breath away
Nothing you could say can tell me any more
I close my eyes, I’m back there on that day
The moment my life changed forever

‘cause her we are, there’s no one here just you &me
Everything will disappear
You’re all I want
You’re all I’ll ever need

Let’s not say another word

So take my hand and walk away with me
Nothing will ever be the same anymore

‘cause her we are, there’s no one here just you & me
Everything will disappear
You’re all I want
You’re all I’ll ever need

As the Rumors Fly

Written By: Jim Paradis

Well my favorite glass is this jelly jar
My closet’s in the back seat of my car
And my kitchen table is the neighborhood bar

In this sleepy town’s favorite watering hole
Got plenty of heart, a little short on soul
All those pretty young girls to make a man feel old

And there’s that look again
I wonder what I did
I guess the rumors will fly
About god knows who…. And I

No-ones got the guts to say to my face
What half truths are flying all over the place
And the damage won’t go it just stays and stays and stays

But still the phone rings at quarter past two
And she’s drunk and asking what I want to do
But the question has never been what, but with who

Well I know I’m in trouble again
I’m well aware of my sins
I know the rumors will fly
About her… and I

I’ve always been a simple man, not really all that smart
Only took what I needed and with a grateful heart
But an unguarded smile, a slip of the tongue, and a small town will believe
No matter how good you’ve been or how much you’ve done,
they only see what they want to see
So I just watch… as the rumors fly

Don’t have much cash to my name but some say I should
I just pay as I go but that’s misunderstood
I guess being simple and happy and poor…. Not so good

But my favorite wine glass is this jelly jar
And my closet is the back seat of my car
I know I could go, but where
I sure like it here


Seeing Things Clearer, October Moon, 1999
Black and White, October Moon, 2000
Never Gone, October Moon, 2001
You Are Here, Jim Paradis, 2003
Almost Home, Jim Paradis, 2010

Set List

Usually an original set list between 45 minutes and 1 hour. can do up to 3 hours with 1 or 2 breaks. The longer shows might include covers by artists such as; Dan Fogelberg, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Beatles, Billy Joel, David Gray....