Jim Rain and the Rebellion

Jim Rain and the Rebellion


"If a Steam Train was rolling at top speed through the deep south and all of the passengers were Irish descendants from the Maritimes, you would have Jim Rain and the Rebellion"


Jim Rain and the Rebellion is an outstanding, high energy band that combines folk roots with a celtic country rock feel. Story telling and creativity are undeniable attributes of the music which allow dynamic audiences to relate to the music. Jim Rain’s stage presence compliments his crisp and well delivered vocals, commanding attention with every word. The Rebellion is quite simply a powerhouse of rhythm and intricate guitar work. The overall live performance of the band is phenomenal in its ability to bring people to the dance floor with an up beat shuffle and a rock steady bass line. On the strength of their debut CD “In The City”, Jim Rain and the Rebellion have played countless shows in Halifax and Moncton as well as touring the East Coast and playing at “The Legendary Horseshoe” in Toronto. Since returning from Toronto the band has started pre producing its second CD and will expand its instrumentation by including banjo, mandolin and harmonica.


LP - In The City 2007