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The best kept secret in music


"Hear & Now CD Review"

Sometimes the best music can be found on CD’s that aren’t released on major labels. A good example is the first full length CD from New York based guitarist Jim Savitt. As a follow up to Savitt’s 1998 Ep The Way Home Savitt really impressed me with his playing and compositions. Writing or co writing 11 out of the 12 tracks there are some various different styles that Savitt shows us on Hear & Now, but one consistent is I found the music pretty and melodic. Take "From The Heart." There is a little bit of a Spanish twinge to it coming from Savitt’s acoustic guitar (sounds like it could be nylon string) with some delicate licks by David Mann on sax adding just the right spice to it. Another track with a similar feel, but more up tempo is "What Could Be" which is a flamingo style piece. Savitt plays all the parts on this one. His guitar playing is top notch and his fingering is very clean which lends itself well to the acoustic guitar. "Looking Back" might be my favorite, but I’m not sure because I like quite a few of the tracks. Lanny Ward adds the right flavor of sax licks as a back up. It’s a moving mid tempo piece that you can really in vision a story from. I hear quite a few different other guitar players in Savitt’s playing.

The press kit mentions Peter White and Marc Antoine. I hear some Craig Chaquico in him. In ‘Was It You" I hear Pat Metheny in both the color of the composition as well as the playing. Very cool! Other good songs include "SoHo," 'In The House" and "Awakening." The CD is worth checking out and Smooth Jazz radio should pay attention to this CD because there a lot of good tunes on this CD. If they don’t shame on them. Savitt studied at the Berklee School of Music and has a degree from Stevens Institute Of Technology where he was the musical director of their 17 piece jazz band. Recently Savitt was commissioned to compose music for Any Channel, an interactive entertainment company developing a video game for a multi-players CD-ROM machine. His scores have been incorporated into their alien infested combat-action game plus The Endless Advantage, Inc. a music service provider regularly featured his compositions. You can hear some MP3's from this disc as well as purchase it from Savitt's web site www.jimsavitt.com
- Contemporary Jazz

"Hear & Now CD Review"

All right, I’ll admit it. I’m a hard nosed straight ahead jazz person that cannot be swayed into contemporary jazz, at least until now. The thought of “smooth jazz” taking over much of the airwaves forces me to cringe with displeasure. Most of it is a sort of “pap” disguised as jazz. Anyway, the whole concept of labeling everything in music is totally out of control. It always comes down to the old adage: It’s either good music or bad. Period.
When I received the Jim Savitt - Hear & Now CD, based on my principles and prejudices, I wasn’t about to review it nor give it a listen to. Well, as luck would have it, on a trip to Arizona I loaded up some CDs into the car for the journey across the desert. Inadvertently, much to my surprise, Hear & Now was included in the bundle. So, tooling across Interstate 8, I found myself listening. What I found in this music was that is was good and of a high quality. Indeed, it put me into a state of well being. This music relaxed me. Sure, there weren’t any mind boggling solos or intellectual and complex compositions. I don’t believe this music was intended to go down that path.

After listening to the complete compact disc, I came away with a tremendous feeling of musicianship. Music that was well crafted and very likable in every sense. There’s a very therapeutic feature in the sound of Hear & Now. You come away feeling good about yourself and the world around you suddenly isn’t wrought with troubles anymore. I realized by shunning this venue of jazz, I may have been depriving myself of something wholesome, tasty and refreshing in every sense.

Jim Savitt has a nice delivery and pleasing sound much in the George Benson vein. His writing - most of the compositions are penned by him - is fruitful, neat and succinct. He displays a lot of sensitivity exampled by the track, Without you and Was it you . I believe he has the “chops” and perhaps one day may choose to expand his musical explorations a bit further. Meanwhile, if you need relaxation when crossing the desert or just want some peace and self-assurances in your quiet place, this music will furnish all of that for you.

For Purchase and more information contact: www.NightCastRecords.com
- The Jazz Zine

"Hear & Now CD Review"

Straight outta New York City comes this contemporary, world rhythm guitarist & keyboardist. He wastes very little time bringing the noise on his very melodic and energetic debut release. With a dozen tracks to choose from, his flair for improvisation and phrasing is a glaring characteristic throughout much of the CD. The ones that really grab me in the collar with excitement are " Awakening, " "So Long," "What Could Be," as well as the one that will really rock your world, "This Time."

Jim is virtually a one-man show, filling the lines of all the instrumentation. The audible illusion of a full ensemble is simply uncanny. The programming aspect of this project is simply marvelous. While I'm not opposed to the use of drum machines, I still can't help wondering how much more emphatic a statement this release would have made with a human element where the drums are concerned. Regardless, don't get me wrong. I'm for whatever works for an artist, and this works. Also featured is David Mann and Lanny Ward on saxes. David also provides keyboard work, as does Nkossi Konda, Ned Mann and Even Steven Levee on bass. Rich Morrero handles percussion and Rob Rolling joins in on acoustic guitar on track number 10, "Without You."

You gotta figure with all of this cunning and fluidity at his disposal that he's another product of the Berklee College of Music, correct? Well, you figured right. You can sample some of Mr. Savitt's grooves at MP3.com, or visit his website. "Hear and Now" has something special for everyone. Take the time to savor the flavor-here and now. -A. Khalis Pride, President & Editor.

- Jazz Exodus

"Hear & Now CD Review"

The guitar is beside piano and saxophone still the most popular instrument in Smooth Jazz. Observing the stations charts of mp3.com one can often notice a preference for stations with guitar music. The same impression is to observed at the chart lists of Radio & Record or of Gavin (before their charts for Smooth Jazz came to a stop). Talking about guitar music, means talking about artists like Peter White, Ken Navarro, Ronny Jordan, George Benson or Marc Antoine. Let's add a new name to this list: Jim Savitt. After his first self produced CD entitled "The Way Home" "Hear and Now" is his second chart-attack. I can promise you, this album has the quality for a hit. Listen to the album and you will be convinced too.

SoHo is a quarter in London but also a laid-back starter. This midtempo tune represents all qualities of a radio-like piece. Jim combines perfectly guitar-riffs with airy keyboard sounds and a funky drumming, while David Mann adds some groovy sax-overdubs. On The Way presents the newcomer at Night Cast Records: Lenny Ward. Jim and Lenny play an energetic jam. It's difficult to say, if Jim is a better keyboardist or guitar player or drum-programmer. He masters all instruments in a perfect manner. Jim, the music is yours. From The Heart starts with an awesome acoustic-guitar melody accompanied by David sensitive soprano sax. Sounds like a Spanish lullaby with a spicy hip-hop rhythm. Very intriguing indeed. In The House is the best platform for Jim's and David's skillful performance. Remarkable is the brass arrangement. Empty Room combines smooth acoustic guitar sounds with an hard drum-machine rhythm. Awakening is not necessary hearing this album. Jim succeeds in adding the next radio-like tune without sounding tedious. Spanish flavor is the red line of this album shining at What Could Be. I only wish some more surprise, some more changing between the styles or the instruments. Looking Back continues this Spanish mood using acoustic guitar playing in the Flamenco style. Pleasant and smooth. Up-tempo and optimistic sounds the following This Time. Interesting the tabla solo. Jim should have the prowess for a longer guitar solo. Without You is a slow very melodious acoustic guitar tune with a captivating intro. Was It You and So Long are further tracks with the same instrumentation in the same style.

Jim Savitt proves with this album his great instrumental mastership and his potential as a composer and arranger. This album will certainly be a great visit-card to get more contacts to other musicians. Gaining more ideas and impulses are always an advantage".

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- Jazz & Soul

"Hear & Now CD Review"

For nearly 20 years Jim Savitt has been well known to the jazz scene of New York and not elsewhere. That hopefully will change with the release of his debut set ... HERE and NOW. A man of seemingly contrasting interests he understands the midi guitar synthesizer inside out and yet plays some very delicate and clean acoustic guitar licks. Check out Jim's personal favourite from the album. From the Heart for a good example of this.

He has personally written most of the tracks and with the production co-handled by the underrated David Mann then you know that you are in for a smooth jazz treat. The album delivers on all counts and is a superb example of how an independent label can at times be so much better than a major. Certain tracks have a real good sun on the face driving down the freeway feel. My favourite So Long was actually written by Jim with a fading relationship in mind. When I put it to Jim in a recent interview that because the track felt happy it may have been a relationship he was glad to see the back of he reluctantly declined to comment!! Say no more.!!

There are tracks on the album that give the Savitt sound a new age appeal.. Having had family caught up in the events of September 11th at the World Trade Centre the reflective mood is apparent in the overall ambience of the album. Having said that Mr. Savitt is able to get a groove going that is urban in nature. Listen to In The House as evidence of this and the wider world rhythms of What could be and This Time. This album is one that should rank alongside the best of recent smooth jazz guitar albums from the likes of Peter White et al and that bodes well for a talent that we are yet to see the best from. It may have taken 20 years but some things are worth the wait. This is one.

JL SAYS: DON'T WAIT SO LONG....BUY NOW........9 / 10

- Solar Radio U.K.


Hear & Now
The Way Home (EP)
21st Century Storytellers (w/ Alain Nkossi Konda)
AfriClub Mixes Vol. 1 (w/ Alain Nkossi Konda)
Leaving Footprints (w/ Rob Rolling)
Manhattan Project - Chillin' Nights


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jim Savitt, from New York City, brings a fresh new sound to the scene. An accomplished guitarist, composer & producer, he constantly impresses listeners with both his playing and his compositional skills.

Stylistically, Savitt’s musical influences stem from both traditional and contemporary jazz, with a touch of acid/groove & world music sounds.

He plays electric, acoustic & MIDI guitar synthesizer, applying his melodic styling equally to all of these instruments. Jim is also a skilled producer, recording engineer and MIDI programmer. His improvisation and compositions have been described as "both fluid & melodic," combining lyrical phrasing and urban grooves.

Savitt has written and recorded many original instrumental compositions and has completed his first full length 12 song CD entitled "Hear & Now". This CD had been played around the globe in 8 countries and Jim won the SONY Jazz sponsored international "Search For A New Jazz Artist" 2004 contest. New York City resident, Savitt opened for Grammy nominee Boney James, performed at the Jamaica Ocho Rios/Kingston Jazz Festival and gigs regularly in the New York metropolitan area. He is also the chief engineer of SaviTech Studio, a state of the art hard-disk based recording and production facility in midtown Manhattan.

Jim has performed in numerous venues ranging from clubs and festivals to trade show events at large convention centers. He was interviewed and performed live to an audience of 4.5 million nationwide listeners on the WOR Radio Network's Joey Reynolds Show. In addition, he has performed internationally including a 2 week stint in Cairo, Egypt in both 1999 and 2000. Jim was a headline performer at the WJZA 103.5 FM concert series in Columbus, OH, is being played on VH1 Radio and Music Match, had a Top 5 Single on Music Choice nationwide and he was the Artist of the Week on WAVE 94.7FM. "Hear & Now" was also voted as one of the "Best Releases of 2002" by Smooth Jazz Canada.

Jim Savitt has received international airplay on a number of stations including JazzFM in London and on the Australian Smooth Jazz Radio Network in Sydney. He was voted "Favorite New Artist" by SkyJazz Internet Radio and was spotlighted as an "Undiscovered Talent" by Guitar 9 Records.

In recording "Hear & Now", Jim collaborated with N-Coded Music recording artist and sax star David Mann.

In addition to these projects, Jim worked very closely with the Afro-pop star Nkossi Konda. He recorded nylon, MIDI & electric guitar parts on Nkossi's release Africapella and performs with his live band This collaboration also resulted in a unique instrumental album entitled 21st Century Story Tellers which features Jim's melodic nylon string acoustic guitar set against Nkossi's world music productions.

Savitt worked with co-producers Nkossi Konda & Rick Garson on World Voice, a powerful and poignant spoken word project that features celebrities and musicians reading passages from the writings of the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II. World Voices contains an all-star roster including well know figures such as: Britney Spears, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kirk Franklin, Monica, Tim Mc Graw, 98 Degrees, Brooke Shields, Vince Gil, Deepac Chopra, Amy Brenneman, Joe Perry & Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, Edouard James Olmos, Matthew Modine, Danny Glover, N'Sync, Ice-T, Faith Hill... And many more. Jim is a co-writer on the soundtrack and plays guitar & MIDI guitar synthesizer on the project.

Jim played guitar on and co-produced the latest AfroBeatCafe release Africlub Mixes Vol. 1, produced and played on the debut Chill Out CD by Manhattan Project called "Chillin' Nights" and produced & performed on the New Age CD Leaving Footprints. He contributed MIDI and nylon guitar on new original tracks by Japanese singer/songwriter "Miko", formerly of the pop duo Twins. Jim also produced tracks and played guitar on projects by trumpeter & vocalist Ginetta, jazz vocalist Caroline deFauw. His guitar tracks and co-productions were also featured by violinist Bonnie Kaye in performances at Café Del Mar in Ibiza. He performed with pop/rock vocalist Jennifer Barrett and was a main songwriter and guitarist for Blue Mile (an original pop/rock band). In the early 1990s, Jim was the lead guitarist in the NY City based rock band Dey 7, performing at clubs such as CBGBs. Jim has also worked with Postive Records sax player Randy Villars, top NYC keyboardist Ted Cruz, Spin Doctors drummer Aaron Comess, renown hip-hip producer Skeff Anselm and his guitar playing was featured in the Ford Foundation sponsored documentary "Creating Counterparts".

With 20 years of experience in musical theory and performance, and an expertise in computer technology, Savitt constantly seeks out new venues to express his musicality. His compositions were regularly featured by The Endless Advantage, a music service provider, have been licensed by the Play Network in the U.S. and by Mosaic Re