jim sharp

jim sharp


Jim Sharp melds pop, country and folk into the acoustic Americana tapestry, weaving thought provoking lyrics, catchy hooks and insightful characters struggling with lifes everyday challenges.


Jim Sharp's music career spans 20 years as a singer/songwriter. He began in Washington D.C. and eventually moved to Philadelphia in 1985 where he became one of the Regions top performers. The son of an F.B.I. agent, his fathers work provided exposure to a wide range of cultures and musical influences. It was these experiences that shaped a musical style that blends the Americana experince with music rooted in rock, blues, folk and country. With a catalog of over 400 songs, Jim continues to write and perform and has recently released his acoustic CD "Begin Again".


Jim Sharp has recently released an acoustic Cd titled "Begin Again". He previously released an Ep titled "Shotgun Shack" and a single "Christine" on Fairmont Records.

Set List

Jims show mainly focus on his original material but also includes cover songs into his set that pay tribute to the many musical influences over the years. These include Johhny Cash, Buddy Holly, Bruce Springsteen, John Fogerty, Roy Orison and others. The show are typically 2+ hours and as a performer he works hard to draw the audience into the show.