jim sharp

jim sharp


Jim Sharp is original acoustic americana music that combines compelling stories, characters and rythmic riffs as part of intimate performances.


Jim Sharp began his musical career in Washington D.C. and eventually moved to Philadelphia where he became one of the Regions top acts. Jim has since turned his musical endeavors to a more acoustic format of writing and performance. He released 'Begin Again' in 2003 and prepares for another record in 2010. Sharp combines compelling stories, everday characters with grapling music hooks. His songs delve into our lives and struggles in near cinematic detail to produce a raw acoustic story that unfolds before the listener. Influenced by the likes of Johhny Cash, Buddy Holly and Steve Earle, Jim Sharp brings realism and honesty to his wrting and performing. The son of an F.B.I. Agent , his frequent travels around the country, particularly the South, provides the backdrop to his songs and the stories they reveal.


@003 Release of Jim Sharp "Begin Again" available from CD Baby and iTunes

Set List

Typical set list includes 2 1 hour sets of original music with an occassional cover song ( johnny cash, Buddy Holly)