Captain Jim

Captain Jim


I'm a burned out small business owner that decided to get back to what was important; living life. I'm ready to find a deserted island and nap on the beach all day. That's what my music is about. It's a folk/rock style, with a tropical twist.


You work long days, sometimes through the weekend. You barely have time for your family, friends, or even yourself. You get uptight, stressed, and angry, over time. You even burn out. Is this really the way to live? Is this really what you want? Jim has asked himself that question. It brought him back to when he took a two-week sailing course in the Bahamas. Ironically, that was where he got the perspective he needed.
Jim was caught up in the rat race. He had a small business, lots of money, a Mercedes Benz, a mortgage on an expensive home, enough credit card debt to choke an elephant, and a wife and son whom he didn’t have time to enjoy. It was the complete image of success, until it all came crashing down with the Internet bust. He lost his business, many of his friends, and his Mercedes Benz. What didn’t go away were the mortgage and the credit card debts. They took on a life of their own and just about swallowed him alive. That’s when he decided it was time for a change in life strategy.
In high school his nickname was “JT” for James Taylor. He had long hair down to his shoulders, played the guitar and sang. He wrote songs, and everyone thought he sounded just like the real JT, though his favorite songs were by Dan Fogelberg. Music was a hobby and passion in his childhood, and almost became a profession in college. He wrote a boatload of songs. He even had one for his graduating high school senior class, which he almost played at graduation. Unfortunately he had strayed from the artist in him and pursued the American dream of owning a small business. His third year in college, he had the opportunity to get a record deal with CBS records in Nashville, and turned it down. A decision he now regrets. He figures he lost his business for a reason. He was never supposed to have it in the first place. He had missed his calling. The true American Dream for him was exercising his freedom as an independent artist.
So, realizing this, he put on his captain’s cap, Hawaiian shirt, picked up his guitar, and started writing again. He set out to recapture the feelings he had in the Bahamas over 20 years ago. Life isn’t worth living if you can’t enjoy it, even in the midst of storms. Smell the tropical flowers, feel the tropical breeze, see the clear blue water, and taste that fruity tropical drink. Let go of being serious, and just enjoy! Relax and chill out!

He also believes this is part of the solution to all the things going on in our lives and in the world today. If we could all just chill out, maybe we’d let go of our prejudice and ambitions for world domination. We all need a little slice of heaven to keep our perspective.


We'd Rather Be Sailing

Written By: Jim Anderson

We pulled up the anchors, and set out to see
The islands of the Abacos; seven strangers and me
We’d Rather Be Sail - in’, the Bahamian Shores
We’d Rather Be Sail – in’ than minding the store
‘cause sailin’ clear water cleans the heart and the soul
‘cause sailin’ clear water cleans the heart and the soul

After sailin’ the islands and walking the shores
Love draws us together, we are strangers no more.
Now I’ll never forget the beautiful sunsets
The pure white sands, the girls and the sandwiches

The Need

Written By: Jim Anderson

In the midst of our redeemer we struggle in the fight
Doing what is wrong and knowing what is right.
It’s hard to make the choices in a war that wages strong
We just go by our examples and follow right along, ‘cause...


I need you, you need me; friends are all we can ever be
But the love grows stronger everyday, and the romance takes our hearts away.

I can’t promise what tomorrow brings, I’ve just learned that in my flight
Searching for a lover, is like playing with a knife
You’ve got to learn the handle, and learn to use it right
Or the whole darn thing will cut you in a slice, but…

The wall I’ve built around my heart has not gone up in vain
I’ve learned what makes the fire kick, and I’ve learned to handle pain
But there’s a door at the bottom with a sign that says “knock”
Once you’ve followed my instructions, come in it’s unlocked. ‘cause…


Currently in production.

Set List

1. We’d Rather Be Sailing - My senior year in college, I received my final P.E. credits by taking a sailing course in the Bahamas, Abaco Islands. I went as an uptight business student, and came back a happy person at peace with life. It took me almost 20 years to remember what I learned about life in the Abacos, but this song brings me back to reality.
2. The Question - This is the song I wrote to propose to my wife. I sprung the question outside her West LA apartment late one night outside her bedroom window. It’s a story we tell over and over again.
3. Without You - This is about how much I need God. Without Him I wouldn’t be able to see the beauty of the world around me, and to find peace in it. Without Him, I would still be slaving away at work, and convincing myself that it is making me happy. It is only with Him that I recognize the difference between reality and fantasy.
4. Sandcastles - When I had my business, I thought I was building something of significa