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So Romantic

Written By: Kazuo Ishiguro

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You always had a taste for those movies
Like Casablanca and Song O’ My Heart
Where a complicated world or the call of adventure
Forces true lovers to part
When the hero turns his back so stoically
On all the happiness they might have had
You always considered it so romantic
But I just considered it sad

It was so like you to choose such a moment
The sun setting over the square
A pavement cafe, the local children at play
The sound of an accordion somewhere
You suddenly said Fate was pulling us apart
Then you shrugged, like there was nothing more to add
I suppose you considered that so romantic
Well, I just considered it sad

Perhaps you’re living in America now
Perhaps you’re in Timbuktu
A small part of me, even after this time
Has never stopped waiting for you
To live in this state of hoping
When hoping seems so utterly mad
I can’t help but consider that so romantic
Though I know I should consider it sad