Jim & Valerie Gabehart

Jim & Valerie Gabehart

 Hamlin, West Virginia, USA

Jim & Valerie Gabehart play bluegrass music from the hills of West Virginia with enthusiasm and originality. Celebrating a marriage and musical partnership that has lasted 28 years and is still going strong, they perform songs they've written and arranged in a traditional bluegrass style.


Jim Gabehart is a five-time West Virginia state champion banjo player and Valerie is an accomplished guitar player and lead vocalist. They recorded an album in Nashville in 1985 which was highly acclaimed (the August 1985 Bluegrass Unlimited review called Valerie a "gutty, dynamic singer" with "major-league talent"), but the couple decided to finish college and raise a family, playing music on a part-time basis. Before making this decision, Jim played professionally a short while and appeared on stage with bluegrass legends John Hartford, Jimmy Martin, Mac Wiseman, Larry Sparks, Ricky Skaggs, Jerry Douglas & the Whites, among others.

After raising their children, Jim & Valerie have recorded a new CD, featuring four new songs written by Jim, and are taking their music to a larger audience. While playing close to their Charleston, West Virginia base, Jim & Valerie have played every type of engagement imaginable from intimate private gatherings to football stadium audiences of thousands. Jim & Valerie perform original songs, and original arrangements of songs old and new from such diverse sources as Jimmie Rogers, Patsy Cline, Flatt & Scruggs, and the Louvin Brothers, to name a few. The hallmark of Jim & Valerie's shows is variety and typical programs include driving bluegrass, love ballads, a capella gospel quartets, and humor. Playful bickering between the husband & wife team recalls the Jackie Gleason "Honeymooners" classic.


Grandpa Was An Old Time Preacher

Written By: James W. Gabehart

Grandpa was an old time preacher, touched by God's own hand.
When it came to right and wrong you knew where he would stand.
I know he wasn't perfect, but the things I most recall,
Is how he praised the Lord and how he stood so straight and tall.

I want that old-time religion, the kind that makes you shout.
I want that old-time religion, my grandpa preached about.
He'd jump and stomp, and laugh and pound the pulpit when he'd preach,
And he had the kind of spirit that no man can teach.


"Jim & Valerie Gabehart: Steadfast" (1985); recorded in Nashville,
mastered at Masterfonics, pressed at RCA, featuring guests
Jerry Douglas, Blaine Sprouse; re-released on CD 2009.
"Bluegrass Reunion" (1996); live performance CD produced by
Jim Gabehart, featuring 6 groups including Jim & Valerie.
"If Banjos Grew On Trees . . . I'd Pick A Few" (2009); instumental
recording by Jim Gabehart with guests including James
Price and Robert Hale;
"It's My Turn" (2010); new CD recorded in Nashville featuring
guests Rob Ickes (11 time IBMA Dobro player of the year),
Jason Carter, Steve Thomas.