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My Buck-A-Cup Heart

Written By: Jim Waxenbeg

Verse: As the barista called my name, a lady cut in front of me

Eyein' me like a cougar, she snitched a sip of my coffee

Her smile said - follow me ... so I brought her a "mocha"

I was her take-home prey, her den was on the cafe's sofa

Chorus: Tryin' to sober up after my bar's last call for beer

Ran to the coffeehouse as the cats started to appear

The brewin' was an art, the romancin' was a-la-carte

But the four-bucks-a-cup shocked my buck-a-cup heart

Verse: Now she gotta hankerin' for xpresso shots that night

As we were beltin' 'em back, lovin' was set to ignite

Maxin' out my credit card, she kept refillin' her cup

Whisperin' to me, "do I like my eggs
sunny-side up

Build: (Spoken) uh oh

Chorus: repeat chorus

Bridge: In her kitchen the next morn, she called me "dear"

Chokin' on my yoke, I hit the fridge
and chugged a beer

Chorus: That ice cold Fat Tire(R) rolled over my caffeine zonk

So Saturday night, I'm stayin' put at my honky-tonk

I wanna meet a younger woman, have my cup of coffee at a cart

No mo' four-bucks-a-cup shockin' my buck-a-cup heart

Tag: That's right ... no mo' four-bucks-a-cup shockin' my buck-a-cup heart