Jim Williams

Jim Williams


Jim's music fits into a mix of categories including country, alt-country, positive, rock, singer-songwriter, and roots music. His music is considered "Americana" because of its diverse nature.


Who is Jim Williams? Let these music and media people answer that...

...a modern-day troubadour...a singer

"Jim Williams is one of those modern-day troubadours working the java house circuit. His voice registers somewhere between a world-wise folk singer and a country music balladeer, with a hint of Nashville drawl." Scott Tady, Life Times Staff Writer (Beaver, PA)

...a performer....a songwriter

Robert K. Oermann of Music Row Magazine (Nashville, TN) wrote "He got to me as a performer. But what's even more important is the commerciality of his songs. I'd pitch this to any major-label player in town."

...a storyteller

Melyssa A. Harmon, Journalist (Seattle, WA) put it best when she wrote "Jim Williams is indeed a masterful storyteller, vivid in remembrance, deep in religious conviction and centered in the sweetness few men have come close to perfecting in their lives, let alone within their music."

Born and raised in a farming community in northwest Pennsylvania, Jim understands family traditions and values. He listened to the ONE and ONLY country radio station in that small community and remembers falling asleep to the voices of his favorite country music icons who inspired him to follow his dream.

Singing and songwriting have been Jim's mainstay from an early age. Humble beginnings have been a centrifugal force behind Jim and his music. Each project is entrenched with his personal values that guide him to make a difference in the world. Jim is a firm believer of music being a cultural life force in our world today.

Jim and his Gibson have traveled far going from coffeehouse to coffeehouse. Venturing as far west as Alaska. He also, auditioned and played many Nashville songwriter venues including Davis-Kidd Booksellers, The Broken Spoke Cafe, and world-renowned -- Bluebird Cafe. After playing the Bluebird Cafe, Jim's photo was featured in an art exhibit at the Bluebird called "Looking for Number One" this gallery was later made into a book by Eggman Publishing with that same name. Jim's tune "Sometimes" was selected for a 9/11 documentary titled "The Towers".

Jim's life is not all about music. He enjoys morning walks, the smell of fresh coffee, shooting hoops, travel, cooking, and spending time with those he loves.


Fragile & Fine

Written By: Jim Williams

I call this my garage sale find. I was at a neighborhood sale a few summers ago and I spoke with a woman who was selling various stuff. Our conversation went to a place where she told me about a life-changing event. She said, "I started using the good china." The rest is history. Fragile & Fine was born.


Written By: Jim Williams & Judy Wright

This is a result of my first flight after 9-11. Every word is true except for the arrival gate. I needed it to rhyme so I changed it from B8 to B16.

Maybe Love Is

Written By: Jim Williams

This represents all aspect of love.


2006 - "Living Life"
Currently being played on www.urradio.com

2000 - "Fur Coat - A Christmas Collection"
Made Robert K. Oermann's Top 10 List of Christmas CDs that year.

2000 - "One Star"
Played by many international DJs in Belguim, France, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom, and Germany

Set List

My set list consists of a minimum of three and up to twelve original songs.