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Texas Tattooed Lady

Written By: Jim Zgorski

“Texas Tattooed Lady”
(Jim Zgorski)

My eyes first fell upon her
Through a blue smoky haze
I was kickin’ back in this honky-tonk
Down Amarillo way
By the neon light I caught the sight
Of a tempting tattoo
I thought I recognized El Paso
But it could have been Baton Rouge

Curiosity got the best of me
I bought that girl a drink
When I asked her about that tattoo
She whispered with a wink
Said I got a map of the USA
Up and down all over me
And if you enjoyed El Paso
You’re gonna love it in Tennessee

I love my country, of thee I sing
Home of the brave, let freedom ring
Oh say can you see her mountain’s majesty
My Texas tattooed lady’s lovin’ me

Well, I had to see more of her
So I asked her out again
And eventually I got to see
Places I ain’t never been
I felt right at home in Dixie
Alabam to Caroline
We went up and down that West Coast
Borderline to borderline


Now we walk this road of life together
Sharin’ hopes and dreams
Holdin’ hands into the sunset
It’s quite a colorful scene
Every morning we awake and make our travelin’ plan
And every night in the Texas moonlight
I meet her down by the Rio Grande


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