Jin By Jin

Jin By Jin


Beyond the race, the religion, the age and all the possibilities, between dismantlement and consolidation, between the past and the future, between sympathy and dogmatism, There is my music.


When Picasso began his cubist painting, not did he define that this expression was based on the cubism, but simply mentioned, "I only have expressed what I was charmed with."

'Art is not imitation but creation.'

The fundamental reason why the masterpieces are wanted to be understood and longed for is to appreciate the intrinsic value within these works irrespective of the genres and that, in this consequence, to be set free from it.

From the moment we were born to the point we finish our lives, who would not hold a little hope to pursue our ideals in the lives? For Love, Happiness, Hope or things we can not ever define. In the journey of our lives full of vicissitudes, we repeat a chain of events of confrontation, collapse, cure, new challenge and maturity, and dream every moment.

The ample inspiration of Jin`s music has been brought by this. As billions people in the world are living the completely different lives with different faces and perspectives, he wanted to appreciate the fact that anybody standing next to me now also would challenge him/herself, become insecure, be in agony and look forward to being understood.

"What is the genre of your music?" Jin was asked.

The definition of his music always has been the issues in finding his identity of art and life. Duke Ellington once said that a musician with a veritable style should be a part of a group of endowed artists referred to as 'category-free'. Jin challenges himself to express his music in the versatility from classical, jazz, pop, funk, rock, hip-hop to electronic as he truly believes ‘Music speaks itself? Jin hopes therefore his music is beyond the space-time, race, religion, age and all the possibilities.

With its unique and eclectic sound, Jin endeavors to represent the genuine originality and deliver the deep emotion to the world.


Letter from somewhere

Written By: Jin Suk Choi

Why don`t you talk about it, buddy?
I said you`ve gotta keep on movin`.
But you already seemed exhausted.

Why don`t we give it a try again?
It might not always be easy.
But we are gonna make it happen someday.

Why do you seem to go back to being hard on yourself?
Why don`t you keep the faith and believe in yourself?

I know we always feel vulnerable.

But I believe you would smile at the end.
Yeah I believe we would smile at the end.

My teardrop

Written By: Jin Suk Choi

Never mind. Put it behind. Nothings ever let it stop. It`s my teardrop.
Everything, so to speak, has become such a pain in my brain.

Goodbye, dear sweet sorrow, it`s what I want to say.

Don`t cry, I know it hurt you and left a scar.

My anger`s gonna blow it up

Written By: Jin Suk Choi

My anger`s gonna blow it up. I wanna fly.
My anger`s gonna blow it up. Hello? Let me out.
Why can`t you say that nothing is real?
Why can`t you say that I could be healed?
Just take me where nobody knows.

Waiting for tomorrow

Written By: Jin Suk Choi

Sometimes indifference makes myself so tired.
But I want to be free myself sometimes from too much attention.
Yeah, it`s just my decision.

Last night I couldn`t sleep entirely.
It might be cause of insecurity.
I don`t care, it`s nothing but self-defence,
even though you`re saying it`s total nonsense.

*I didn`t lose my mind.
Yeah, I tried million times.
Can I ever figure it out?
Can I ever have no doubt?

I didn`t make you cry.
My heart`s also getting dried.
Oh, get away from any sorrow.
Just think about tomorrow.

I`m waiting for tomorrow.

When I open my eyes to get away,
When my dream is closer day by day,
When I don`t worry from the memory,
Oh, it makes me feeling good.

Tonight I`m writing a letter to you.
Of course, it doesn`t matter, I`m hurt, too.
I don`t care, it`s nothing but self-defence.
Yeah, it`s nothing but self-defence.

The dreamer

Written By: Jin Suk Choi

Everybody always seems to be a dreamer.
Everybody always seems to fly away.
What if there`s no sunshine in their dreams, would they leave me behind?
What if there`s no happiness, would they dream?
Everybody always seems to be a dreamer.
But everybody just like sunset fades away.


Woman who refused to dance (2007)
:Collaboration with Composer Shirley Thompson
:Featuring Soprano Yolanda Grant-Thompson & Natalie Stewart from Floetry
:Performance at Houses of Parliament, London
- Computer programmed, Engineered & Co-produced

Letter from somewhere - Single (2007)
:Digital Single release
(composed, written, arranged, mixed & produced by Jin Suk Choi)

Me Without The Mutt - Composer & Sound Engineer (2007)
:Documentary directed by Krystle Thomson

Red Spoon? - Composer & Sound designer (2007)
:Animation directed by Foteini Foteinaki

Edwin Tichenor - Co-producer & Arranger (2007)
:2 singles, 'Muskets and Gin' & 'Finish Line'

Waiting for tomorrow - Single (2007)
: A Texas Sized Compilation CD for SWSX 2007 representation by Shmusicmusic

Letter from somewhere - Single (2007)
: 11th Millenium Music Conference Compilation CD
: Shmusicmusic Compilation CD for MIDEM representation

Jin By Jin (2006) - solo debut album
(composed, written, arranged, mixed & produced by Jin Suk Choi)

Autumn Sunset (2006) - single release
(composed, arranged, mixed & produced by Jin Suk Choi)

Film Orchestrator / Composer (2004) : Sicily 2km (South Korea)

Game Commercial Composer / Sound designer (2004) : Travia (South Korea)

Producer : EAST ERA first album (2004), MR-J Second album (2005) - 3 singles (South Korea)

Arranger : Miro single - nihil (2005), Cho PD fifth album, so nice - performance version (2003) (South Korea)

Jin By Jin`s Awards winning

1. Winner in the category of electronic in the Song of the Year songwriting competition 2007 (April round) - "Ain"

2. Top 5 in the category of electronic in the Song of the Year songwriting competition 2005 (April round) - "It`s okay"

3. Finalist in the category of Instrumental in the UK songwriting contest 2005 - "Reminiscence"

4. Suggeted artist in the category of ROCK in the Song of the Year songwriting competition 2005 (July round) - "Illogical"

5. Runner up in the category of Pop in the Song of the Year songwriting competition 2005 (September round) - "the dreamer"

6. Top 10 in the instrumental category in the U.S.A Songwriting competition 2005 - "Reminiscence"

7. 3 Honorable Mentions in the 13th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest - "White Butterfly", "Reminiscence" & "It`s okay"

8. Top 5 in the category of electronic in the Song of the Year songwriting competition 2006 (March round) - "Get your hands together"

Set List

It might depend on the instrument players whom I possibly will be able to have. However I perform solo with piano & synthesizer.
The list of the song will be updated. Please email me at jinbyjin@gmail.com if you want to listen to my other tunes.

It could be from 3 minutes to 2 hours with original tracks.

1. Waiting for tomorrow
2. My anger`s gonna blow it up
3. The dreamer
4. Mama
5. How beautiful
6. Maybe
7. It ain`t rockin` my world
8. Letter from somewhere

And so on..