Jintala music is a melancholic and powerful pop, a twisted zen Avant-Garde touch to tickle you.


Bio : Jintala is a world traveler, originaly from France. She had the priviledge to do backvocals in the studio of Porthishead’s supported bands. She started to compose her songs with David Felce, solo guitarist in Bristol that toured with Guy Chadwick (House of Love) & Jazz Butcher. She is mentioned in the book of Rupert Mould: "Rebel Radio Diary" (in the series La Pense Rebelde), himself the Rudy of the band "Up, Bustle and Out".
Her name was given to her by an old lady on an Island in Thailand. Jintala means: "The One that Knows"... But little Jintala knew when she met her soon to be husband on that same island in year 2000, when the world was loosing it, fearing the limits of our technological world. They found each other with a passion for Alternative Music, Photography and an Alternative way of living. They have since traveled together to 14 different countries and are now based in Los Angeles. On their path they met musicians coloring their music while Jintala orchestrates all behind the scene.
They are now ready to as Victor Hugo said, express with the music that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. All the images and people that they met in those World Capitals and Third World Wild Places, they want to bring it to your ears like a magical tune tickling your brain and healing your hearts.
Check it out: www.myspace.com/jintalak


Song: "Casa Flottante" - Radio University of Guadalajara
Song "Alien" - Swiss Radio: Couleur 3 (www.couleur3.ch) -

Set List

Ticket with no Return
Casa Flotante
Le Voyage de Simone I
Safety Line

Edit Piaf - Milord
Edit Piaf - La vie en Rose
Serge Gainsbourg - Reggae version of the French National Anthem
Serge Gainsbourg - Couleur Cafe
French Cabaret song 1945: La Jeune fille du Metro

Our set are about 45mns