Jinx Lennon

Jinx Lennon

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Jinx Lennon is a fireball of acoustic one chord fury and toy yamaha mayhem,jinx is not here to destroy his intention is to uplift but you will not go unscathed.Accompanied by the magical Miss paula Flynn Jinx sings about trying to stay aware of the pitfalls keeping it raaaaaaaw ,awkward ,real +more


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3 albums

2006:''Know your Station Gouger Nation!!!"
2003: "30 Beacons of Light for a land full of Spite,Thugs,Drug Slugs,and Energy Vampires"
2001:"Live at the Spirit Store"

Set List

Typical set list for 2007 is circa 55 mins to keep it tight ,and melted down for maximum effect

Typical set 2007

1/Anthrax of your Mind
2/Balaclava Boys
3/City of Styrofoam Cups
4/40 Faces
5/Bubble Electrician
7/Bruised Banana
8/Glazed Eye Club
9/Everyones got a M.H.I.T.H.
10/Stand up For Your hospitals
11/Lookout Posts of forkhill
12/You cant keep Everyone Happy
13/Escape from the Planet of the apes
14/Flesh Taxi
16/Nigerians(Stop Giving out About)
17/Lord of the Onion Ring
18/Gobshyt in the House
19/Bachelors of Pearse Park
20/St Brigids Shrine
21/Forgive the Cnts
22/You are the Vaccine
23/The next Slow Song you hear may leave you pregnant