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Written By: J'IOR

Let me know what's on your mind
I just want to talk to you
No need to waste more time
I just want to build with you.
A situation
Causes us to be alone
A conversation
With your friends got you t hinking wrong
Why, don't I explain to you so i can change your mind.
Are you listening to your friends
Would I be that type of man
Would you ever loose your trust
They think that they know but they don't know about us.

Baby all you need is time so maybe you could think about
How your life could really be baby if you stayed around
I know your friends say
all these things that ain't true
It's kind of crazy
Thinking that I would ever do things to make you cry
It's plain to see that you were made for me

(Chorus 2 x)


So what's it gonna take for you to understand
That everything I do is for you
And I know your probably think that I'm lying
But everything I'm saying is true
When I'm out on the road, going show to show
Your the only thing that's running through my mind
So girl when I get home we can be alone
All you have to do is be mine

(Chorus 3x)