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Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2001
Band Rock Indie




"Glen Ellyn resident pours his heart into Rock Band."

Full Article Online at mysuburbanlife.com - My Suburban Life Paper Release and Online (mysuburbanlife.com)

"JIP Impresses with energetic tracks like "Not Alone""

Year X, the latest from JIP, has the feel of a band performing in a club. Occasionally, singer/guitarist Jim Gwynn’s material can be nondescript, as on “Hard To Change”, but along with bassist / vocalist Spener Watson and drummer Brent Fatig, he impresses on energetic tracks like “Not Alone” as well as the more intricate “Night and Day” Grammy-nominated Tracy Bonham is a guest lead vocalist on “This Song Will Last Forever”, which she co-wrote with Gwynn (getjip.com)
Terrance Flamm
- Illinois Entertainer

"JIP rocks Ultra Lounge"

JIP rocks Ultra Lounge Chicago - MySuburbanLife.com

"JIP is a Trip!"

JIP is a trip. Originally, the alter-ego of singer-songwriter Jim Gwynn, JIP has morphed into a tightly rocking three-piece band with occasional cameo performances by a stellar cast – including Tracy Bonham and Nickolas Blazina (from State & Madison). The music is enjoyable and the tunes are meaningful. It’s a preach-free session at the Church of Indie Pop.

In 2008, JIP recorded an album called, The Silver Line. The Silver Line was a concept record about walking to the edge and taking that next step toward your dreams. The Silver Line really set Jim’s mind straight about understanding what was important to him in life. The processes writing The Silver Line help shape his new album, Year X.

In 2011 he released the album Year X – recorded at Million Yen Studios and Pogo Studios in Illinois.

“I approached this album wanting to write a simple record that got an important point across. That point is that life should consist of pursuing happiness and embracing what you have.

“I’ve always wanted to have a signature album to be proud of so I took my efforts and funds toward professional recording studios. Taking that step into the studio was the breaking point for understanding what this record could be. My untamed creativity has met studio structure which makes for a much better sound.

“This record gave me the chance to have friends be a part of this album and have the opportunity to work with my favorite recording artist. At this point I’ve never been more proud of a project. This effort has been praised in the great response to Year X.” - Hal Newman of Big Medicine

"4 out of 5! Awesome Music to Remember."

Influenced by great music geniuses and bands such as Ben Folds, Local H and Tracy Bonham. The past or present comes alive to create something interesting and easily to enjoy.

This time, Chicago’s singer/songwriter JIP bring us his latest and second albumYear X captures the unforgettable essence of the 90's alternative music that many of us remembered. Recalling his own influences and bands like R.E.M., featuring guest appearances by Tracy Bonham and fulled with soft and other times energetic, powerful guitar riffs that may not cause you a seizure, but surely will rock your entire body.

Great examples of the fore mentioned are found in songs such as “Not Alone”, where riffs, drum beats combines to create something fun, brilliant, but soft at the same time; “When Bright Eyes Grow Old” follows this excitement, though this changes for a more bluesy sound that delight us, the only thing bad about this song is that’s pretty short and keeps you wanting for more. Lucky us, there’s still more tracks to enjoy.

So if what you are looking for is something more last century, this might be your thing 100% sure. Head now to http://www.facebook.com/JIPOMSH and let yourself loose into JIP’s awesome music to remember.

Rate: 4/5
- Vents

"JIP-Year X Review (Top Pick)"

JIP - Year X (Independently released CD, Pop)
This is a really cool little pop album that we hope doesn't get lost in the twenty-first century tidal wave of music. JIP is comprised of Jim Gwynn (vocals, guitar), Brente Fatig (drums), and Spencer Watson (guitar, bass, drums, vocals). Gwynn is the principal songwriter and he comes up with some truly juicy catchy gems on Year X. These tracks have a nice simple direct sound and they never have that phony overproduced feel that ruins so many modern bands. To be more direct...these recordings sound like real people playing real music. And whatever slight flaws or imperfections might be there were left (probably intentionally)...which adds a great deal of extra zest and character. Cool guitars, steady rhythms, nifty bass lines, and groovy lead vocals...what more could you ask for? These songs were obviously written and recorded by three guys who love playing music. This underground gem contains fourteen cool cuts including "Not Alone," "When Bright Eyes Grow Old" (a particularly incredible track), "Hard To Change," "The Fade," and "All My Life (In Your Eyes)." Top pick.
- Baby Sue


Singer/songwriter from the Chicagoland area. Solo musician for 10 years and until now, has only made home recordings. New release entitled “Year X” available now.
- JammSandwich

"Remember the 90's...JIP will refresh your memory"

JIP “Year X” Review
Do you remember the 90's? Well, in case you may have forgotten, JIP is here to refresh your memory. Their new album “Year X” is a new spin on that classic alternative rock sound spanning back to when R.E.M. was big. Chicagoland singer and songwriter Jim Gwynn fills the cd with songs about finding your own path and pursuing inner happiness. Each song varies from rough, crunchy guitar riffs, to clean melodies with soothing vocals. The 17 track album leaves one guessing what will come next the entire way through. Although this is the celebration of Gwynn's 10 year anniversary as a solo musician, “Year X” presents itself as a solid debut album.
- Tommy Dietsal of The Synthesis in Chico, CA

"Putting the Baby Down...a review of JIP Year X"

JIP "YEAR X" (i-Tunes/ Amazon etc)
RELEASED? Out now.
SOUNDS LIKE? Smoke dope. Drink vodka. Spin discs. Stab babies. That's what this listening to
records lark is all about. Let's take the band JIP for
example, the head man, Jim, writes "I Would
appreciate a review" and "I can't wait to hear from you!"
Fair enough, unwrap a baby, spin that shit... And hey,
hey, it's gonzoid-garage a go-go. Thank fuck for that.
So we can put the baby down (put the baby down) turn
it up to eleven and roll around in the deceptively simple
filth of JIP and their fuzz-twang sturm n drang. It's
something that sounds like Ten Benson channelling
Sarah Palin, or Michael Moore it's hard to tell, mainly
because the guitars are actually excellent and while
they drift into REM territory they have no fear of Ted
Nugent and "When Bright Eyes Grow Cold" sounds like
a pissed off Lennon, which is great, but we'll actually listen to this when we've finished enjoying it.
IS IT ANY GOOD? Crap on a cross, yes. The cover and the covering letter screamed shit-hick, but "Year X" is top drawer yank rock.
WHERE IS IT? www.getjip.com - Unpeeled ( In Ireland )

"Review of the song "Voices" from JIP: Year X"

Jim Gwynn has always loved words.

He loves the way they fit together, not only to provide information but to convey passion and emotion. When he was about 14 he began to pen poetry to express and channel his emotions. Within a few years, he discovered that music combined with his words created a stronger statement.

“Music is a vehicle to make the words sound good,” Gwynn said last week over a cup of coffee.

Often those words express dissatisfaction with the world or what’s going on in politics. And Gwynn, who lives in Glen Ellyn, is dissatisfied with politics in Illinois. Gwynn, who said his politics are conservative, wrote the song, “Voices,” to express dissatisfaction with the midnight income tax increase in Illinois in January 2011. Not only did the midnight action of the Democratic majority legislature leave a bad taste in his mouth, but he was angered over the loss of income from the tax hike.

“I had some anger. I got a little warm inside and sat down and wrote the song,” he said.

Once he composed the lyrics, Gwynn electronically sent them off to his band-mate Spencer Watson, who then worked on the musical accompaniment. Within a matter of hours the two were happy with the results. But it didn’t stop with just recording a conservative protest song. After recording “Voices”, Gwynn began a marketing campaign for the song that included using social media to post links to his recording as well as mailing recordings of the song to every sitting Republican governor in the United States.

Some of those governors have taken a liking to the song. Several, including Chris Christie of New Jersey, Rick Snyder of Michigan and Bill Haslam of Tennessee, sent Gwynn letters thanking him for the song. Each letter contains a personal comment about the song. Snyder wrote in his letter that he would approach the Michigan Republican Party about using “Voices” at some of their events, which made Gwynn ecstatic.

“I love that there may be a chance they use my song. I have always wanted to hear a commercial or see some news coverage of a rally where my song was playing in the background. That would be so cool,” Gwynn said.

But Gwynn’s songs are not all about politics. His songs deal with a wide range of themes and emotions. To date Gwynn has written approximately 500 songs, but the latest collection on “Year X” are the songs with which he’s most pleased.

“If I don’t record another song, I’ll be happy with this as my last work,” he said.

He said the first five albums that he and his band recorded were more sappy in nature, but “Year X” was an album that he put his all into. He wanted the composition to reflect what he could do musically.

One song on the album, “This Song Will Last Forever” holds special meaning for Gwynn—it features one of his favorite musicians, Tracy Bonham.

“I wrote that song with her in mind and knowing that she actually played on it is just so incredible,” he said.

Gwynn said Bonham laid her performance on top of his work at her studio and sent him the finished product. When the package arrived at his house he looked at it for days before daring to open it. And when he finally opened it, in complete privacy, his reaction was to weep.

“Every time I listen to her play my song I can’t help but cry,” Gwynn said.

“Year X” is Gwynn’s sixth album. He said he financed it by selling off multiple guitars, amplifiers and other musical equipment. He said he doesn't expect commercial success with his albums, but he’s never sought to that kind of success.

“I never wanted to be a rock star and get involved with that kind of lifestyle. I just wanted to write songs with meaning,” he said.

Gwynn and his band get a few opportunities to play their music live. In August they will play at the Elbo Room in Chicago and then at The Red Line Tap in September. Other times Gwynn will seek out open mike nights to play.

“Music is my outlet. It lets me channel my emotions in a productive way. A song like ‘Voices’ is my anger channeled constructively.”
- Patch Glen Ellyn ( run by AOL )

"Year X Review"

Nice Nice -????? (4 out of 5)
The album is great, the only reason it doesn’t get a 5 out of 5 is because it didn’t truly grab me till it was about half way done. Had I not have made it that far, I probably wouldn’t have realized how great Year X really is.

- 2DayHangover.com


2023: "Thought This Was Over"
2018: "Last Call"



Thought This Was Over is JIP's 9th full length album out in 2023!

JIP is Jim Gwynn (Vocals / Guitar), Spencer Watson (Guitar / Vocals), and Mike Charbonneau (Drums / Percussion). Last Call was brewed in Chicago Illinois at Million Yen Studios with Producer Andy Gerber (Local H / Tossers). Last Call is the third studio album from the band since 2010 (Year X in 2010 / Sparks, Flames & Names in 2012).

JIP has established a sound and place in the Chicago Music Scene while playing some of the greatest Chicago music venues including: Metro Chicago, Double Door, Cubby Bear, Hard Rock Chicago, Subterranean, and many others. JIP has collaborated with many artists on their current and past albums including Grammy Winner Buick Audra, Grammy Winner Anand Bhatt, Grammy Nominated Tracy Bonham, Stubhy Pandav, Joanna Stanielun, Nickolas Blazina, Jess Godwin, Rachel McClusky, and Shaun Hague.

(Jim from JIP is sponsored by Breedlove Acoustic Guitars & Steve Clayton Guitar Picks)

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