Jipsy Magic

Jipsy Magic

 Brighton, England, GBR

Fusing the eclectic styles of indie, funk and pop-blues, Jipsy Magic pull themselves aside from the rest of the Brighton music scene with an energetic punch of live showmanship, original catchy tunes and the type of charm and charisma to match your best mate. Set to be major players.


Jipsy Magic originally formed by Chris Mace and Nick Jackson in 2008. They Spent the next 3 years perfecting their craft around Brighton’s open mic scene as a high energy acoustic act and released their debut EP… ‘Fresh’. Now having being joined by the dream team of James Finburg, Charlie Gibbs and Nick Reynolds Jipsy Magic are on the rise as one of Brighton’s top underground bands. An eclectic mix of funk, rock, jazz and blues, our sound is always evolving and we are constantly drawing from a wide range of different influences. In the back end of 2011 they were picked up by independent Brighton label ‘Overhead Wires” and hopes for the future are high.


"Fresh" EP