distinctly original, devoid of previous formulas, lyrically perplexing, calm simplicity, coordinated consciousness stream, satisfyingly acquirable taste


After chewing on ideas for years, lifes little experiences have begun to inspire tunes which is a type of cleansing process. Having grown up in a detached southern town in the U.S. and moved to one of the most progressive cities in the world, I am finally finding ways to express my perspective.


SF (she fliez)

Written By: Jeremy Hyatt (jirmz)

She fliez, in an under-polished cylinder through the blue sky,
Taking part in preparation, in her own mind
Serving countless stagnate faces
For the last time…

From a bird’s eye
There is no clear destination just a gray line
And a rumbling vibration from up above…high
Unaware of obligation, everything seems fine…

But on the ground in a black screen with coordinates positioned in lime green
An unexpected point appears

And in the cockpit there’s an overwhelming sensation of panic
As the pilots try to veer from the object coming near

Then a red light shoots through and they don’t know what to do
As failed attempts are made to contact ground control

She thinks back to her home while passengers with mobile phones
Call their families before dissolving in their seats

She ponders, “Why did I decide to take this flight today?�
And are these circumstances that I face compensable by petty overpay

Yeah, human beings…may or may not have control over destiny,
We cannot fix what’s been done…but can change who we pretend to be.

And out the hand-smudged oily window
A shiny object speeds away

Some sort of interstellar logic
Had sparked the prediction that she made

Instinct was right…for once
But was purpose on display
Shell never know

And as they entered the ocean
It all turned to slow motion

Now that air supply’s diminishing
What were flying once, now swim

Just an inverted aquarium
The sea life looking in

And as they plunge towards the ocean floor
Away she fliez

jirmz | sf (she fliez) | 2007

At the Moment

Written By: Jeremy Hyatt

At the moment that the rain came
That’ s when I thought of you,

And as the waves of thoughts enveloped me,
That’ s when I called to you,

You will never know how much you mean,
I close my eyes and see your smile,
We will never know what might have been
Unless we try.

So let’ s try, try and see, see what might,
what might could happen,

Just think, it’ s a dream, make-believe
and it quite could happen,

Let’ s meet, you and me, in a while
and make it happen...

I’ m not sure if I’ m prepared for this,
I guess I’ ll give it time,

But in the end if we abandon it
Just know I've loved you, all the while.

jirmz | At the Moment | 2004


Written By: jirmz

you saw it all and knew that i wanted it to be,
through faulty calculation an assumption drove the action,
which lead to this decree...
to watch me fall perhaps is what you had hoped to see,
predisposed with obligation after noting the defenses down,
you swept in secretly...
the carpet was jerked directly from beneath me,
from where before i sailed securely,
now place adjacent and wholly at your mercy,
dropped headfirst on the floor...

a few years later when i see you walking side by side,
don't be so alarmed to know that my anger has only multiplied,
and when projectiles fly out of the blue,
well they're intended for you,
what do you think now?
'cause when projectiles fly out of the blue,
which are intended for you...
you best hit the ground,
you better hit the ground,
what else can you do?
we're coming to get you...



Set List

6 songs
20 minutes
No covers