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An independent hip hop artist from Thornaby, just outside Middlesbrough in the North East of England. Influences range from the hip hop greats such as Tupac and Eminem to lesser known UK poetic rappers such as scroobius pip and mikill pane, not to mention scorzayzee. Jister also enjoys political hip hop of Lowkey, Mic Righteous, English Frank, Logic and so on.

Jister is not the average rapper, his lyrics have substance and a somewhat abstract edge to most rappers who have degraded the art of hip hop, Jister leans towards the poetic side of hip hop rather than the misogynistic side.


Good New Fashioned Fun Volume 1


Bottom Of The Bag Good

Original With Juicy Bits

The AntiSwag EP

All mixtapes are free except Bottom Of The Bag Good which was available on iTunes and Amazon etc, tracks from every mixtape/ep have received significant airplay on underground hip hop radio stations, blogs and websites alike.