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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Rock Indie




"PREMIERE – Jitensha releases video for “Sojourn”"

Indie garage rock duo Jitensha is made up of husband and wife/ multi-instrumentalists Erin Rose Hubbard and David Martinez. The two have released their newest track, “Sojourn”, a jumpy and bright tune featuring halcyon guitar riffs, groovy bass, sultry synths, steady drumbeats, and atmospheric harmony vocals.

The track is existential in nature, asking the big questions such as ‘Why am I here’? or ‘Why is this happening to the world’? They’re questions everyone has at least thought about, especially during the uncertainty of pandemic times that has left many with feelings of lethargy, sorrow, and listlessness.

The accompanying music video also loves to play with contrast, shadows, and colour, honing in on the juxtaposition between the cheery instrumentals and thought-provoking lyrics.

“This single is the beginning of a new sound for Jitensha. We are delving further into the contemplative, and into the misty space between optimism and realism, where things are often darker but can be clearer.”

Near the end of the video, both Erin and David don new vibrant clothing, compared to the start when they wear full white. This is, of course, open to interpretation, but this wardrobe change could be said to signal the realization that everything is in fact going to be OK.

“Friends of ours, a newly wedded couple, died in a motorcycle accident. They had been so young and so in love, full of smiles, laughter and gumption. They both lived life to the fullest and we thought, the best way to honour and remember them is to try and do the same,” Jitensha says.

Jitensha plans on releasing more singles throughout 2021 and is hoping to release a more rock/funk LP down the road.

Check out the video below, and stay up to date with Jitensha via their socials. - Canadian Beats

"Indie Garage Rock Duo Jitensha Share Their Intoxicating Single Sojourn"

For fans of The XX, I’d like to introduce you to alt-duo Jitensha. In their single “Sojourn,” which was released in March of 2021 with an accompanying music video, showcases vocals reminiscent of Foster The People, a clear-cutting strong bass groove, indie drums and beachy guitar with slight techno elements that somehow blend into a perfectly intoxicating psychedelic rock type experience.

The sound is an ethereal union of honey sweet punkiness mixed with modern indie garage rock in a harmonic duo of Erin Rose Hubbard and David Martinez. The two focus their lyrics on topics of social justice, environment and psychology, and generally exploring the grey area of the human existence between realism and optimism.

Jitensha has previously released two full length studio albums, Buck Moon (2014) and Periscope (2019). In addition to “Sojourn,” they’ve also released another single in 2021 entitled “Diwa,” it’s more upbeat, drum-forward counterpart. - Glasse Factory

"The Indie Duo JITSENSHA Discuss Their Newest Songs, Favorite Past Shows and More!"

Jitensha is an indie music duo based in Montréal. The project consists of Canadian musician David Martinez and US-born performer Erin Rose Hubbard. Just last week, they released their sophomore album, “Periscope.”
The lead single from their new collection, “Under Control” showcases their upbeat, insightful, songs with a highly emotional concept, combining catchy melodies and indie aesthetics with understated song writing skills.
Watch the video for ‘Under Control’ now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7NS68VRhYo
Listen on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jitensha-music/under-control-master-jan-2019
These two charismatic musicians create upbeat, insightful, songs with a highly emotional concept, combining catchy melodies and indie aesthetics with understated song writing skills. The pair focuses on personal themes such as self-discovery, determination and empathy. Jitensha is the Japanese word for bicycle, which serves as a metaphor for the power of human energy. The direction you choose, and the energy you put in, determines where you end up!
Learn more about Jitensha in the following All Access interview with the duo here-
Thanks for your time! What is on tap for the rest of your day for you both?
Literally on tap? Definitely a “No Signal” by Trestle Brewing Company. We love that place. This interview is not sponsored!
Now that we are more than halfway through the year, how would you say that 2019 is treating this duo so far? What are some goals that you have for this year and how close are you to reaching them? Did you already?
This whole year has been leading up to the release of “Under Control,” and our sophomore album “Periscope.” It seems like we’ve managed to pull it off so we’re pretty stoked! It was a challenge storyboarding, organizing, and filming our music videos – and we’re really happy with how things have turned out.
Can you recall the moment when you thought you could be in this band together? Has anything surprised you about this musical journey so far? How did you come up with your name?
We were in a 5 piece indie band in Vancouver in 2012 / 2013. I think, in that band, we realized our work ethic, musical inspiration, and direction were a good match for each other. We’re always pleasantly surprised when we look back to our Vancouver days and see how far we’ve come.
We were not only music buddies, but biking buddies, and we both knew some Japanese when we met. Jitensha is Japanese for bicycle. And we thought it was a great moto – the energy you put in, determines where you end up. Our music has always been rather optimistic.
How do you think your hometown has influenced the sound and how you both carry yourselves in this band?
Rose – I grew up on a local Boulder, CO radio station called KBCO “World Class Rock.” I learned all the 90s rock tunes by heart – harmonies and all. I still love the sound, I think I bring a bit of that style to the band. I also bring a bit more slang and twang to the vocals – David has always been more well pronounced!
David – I grew up in Mississauga, ON I can’t say that I was aware of the “sound” that was being produced there, but I do recall listening to “The Edge” which is a station that broadcasts out from Toronto. I liked it because they played a lot of alternative music.
Why would you say that you two work so well together? Where is one of you weak where the other is strong and vice-versa? Why does this duo work?
We both really value honest, open, communication and recognize that although sometimes it happens (in a good way!), we’re not mind readers. We try to honour each other’s ideas and support each other through our emotional ebbs and flows. David is more creative with chord progressions and melodies, and Rose has a better knack with putting an idea to poetry. We both write music and lyrics, but our different strengths help to make the songs more well rounded.
Let’s talk about your latest track “Under Control.” What was the inspiration for this song? How did it come together? How would you say that it prepares listeners for more music from you?
The song was inspired by realized we were the dupes of a weird rumour. We were working out what that felt like, and started making it into a little tune. We were on a road trip at the time from Oregon to San Diego so we just wrote the song in little bits along the way.
We’re always kind of striving to grow a little stronger than the day before – our music might sometimes dig in to an emotionally challenging place, but it’ll bring you out on the bright side.
What was it like making the music video for “Under Control”? How creatively were you involved with that overall process?
It was so fun! We wrote the storyboard for the video, and chose the costumes and locations, along with suggestions from the director, Richard Bastarache. The three of us work well together, so we had a good time.
When do you plan on putting out more new music and a full collection of new songs?
Well, our second album “Periscope” was released last week! It features “Under Control” as well as 9 more tracks, one of which “Sea of Numbers,” we’ll have another music video for.
We’ve already got some ideas brewing for singles in 2020, so we’ll see!
How do you think your sound has grown over the years? What about your songwriting process? How has that changed?
I do think our sound has matured. It’s a bit less frantic! Besides mellowing out, I think our vocals have gained a richness over the years.
Where do you think you are both happiest- in the studio recording new music, on stage performing or elsewhere?
Rose – I love performing. Every show is a new adventure, a new chance to recall, and shine a new light on the emotions of the music.
David – I would say the same, performing. It is really exciting because unlike the studio, you just don’t have the luxury to say “let’s do it again”.
What has been a favorite show of yours to date? What do you think makes an ideal performance for this band? Where are you excited to play at next?
Last October in Downtown Montréal, we did an underground day long festival on a back deck with around 7 other bands. We didn’t play great, our new show was still full of kinks and hiccups, but it felt really awesome to be alive that day – smelling the fall air, shivering a little, rocking on a deck with a bunch of other great musicians and indie music lovers. We really felt like “this is why we do this.”
We also loved playing at Springtide Music Festival in Uxbridge, ON this past April. Such an awesome community they have up there.
Our ideal show is one like what we just mentioned, when the musicians and audience are really connecting to a feeling.
We’re really looking forward to our whole cross Canada tour this September, but kicking it off we’ll be playing with some friends and awesome musicians at L’escogriffe in Montréal August 22nd.
How do you think being musicians and in this band gives you all the most joy in life today?
Simply the chance to do what we love and share our hearts with people is the biggest blessing we could ever ask for.
We are currently living through a very trying and politically charged time right now so I am curious to know how your own music is reflecting this time period? If you don’t think it is, why is that? Would you say that other musicians are making music that has been influenced by this climate?
Overall “Periscope” is definitely reflective of the current political climate. Some of the themes we stress are, the importance of empathy, learning to be patient, the threats of over-consumption, and seeing the world as more than black and white, with an emphasis on taking a stand to help other people and the environment.
Who would you love to work with in the future? Who are some of your favorite artists right now? What do you think would be a dream collaboration for this duo?
One of our favourite artists right now is Zeus – we saw them on the big stage when we played at Springtide Music Festival. They really spoke us.
Dream collaboration… there are too many choices!
Where would you love to hear your music being played? A TV show, a movie, in your favorite store, etc…?
We’d love to be played on CBC radio 2, maybe Drive or After Dark – our dream was to be played on the Signal before it was ended – Laurie Brown, are we weird enough for Pondercast?
It’d be awesome to be featured in a fun little Netflix show. Dare I say – in a theme song?
I think our music is great for waiting lines or bad traffic, cleaning the house (hi mom!) – a little pep and harmony to turn around the mood.
What do you hope is the message of your music? What do you hope people continue to take away from your songs?
We hope that the music helps people ask more questions about themselves and their environment, and not to shy away from the answers, whatever they are. We hope that the music can evoke some kind of emotion, anything, so we can feel together something together you know?
Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers about your music?
It’s really a pleasure to have the opportunity to share this music – thanks for taking a chance on us with your ears and time. - All Access Music

"Jitensha – “Diwa” single Release"

“Surrender is a state of living in the flow, trusting what is, and being open to serendipity and surprises.” Judith Orloff

We are a married indie garage-rock duo based in Montréal. During our 7 years as a band, we have encountered many twists and turns and the road has certainly been full of surprises.

We wrote our new single “Diwa” in the heart of 2020. Struggling with the loss of our career as performers, we turned the spotlight inward. Diwa is a song about connecting with universal consciousness by entering a state of flow.

David, ethnically Filipino, decided to use some of his new found downtime to dive into some research about the cultural history of the Philippines. Diwa is a Tagalog word that can be translated to English as consciousness, spirit, or essence. His research begged the question – how much of one’s essential essence is a part of where they genetically come from?

In the pre-chorus of the song we sing:
A rush, a chill, aware, let go
Diwa, body, mind, the flow

Although hard to define, the flow state is typically thought of as complete absorption in the task at hand and a loss of one’s sense of time. This stanza endeavors to depict the singularity in which your physical body and mind connect with the essence of your immortal consciousness, and as time falls away, you enter this blissful place.

We chose the release date of August 26th to honour the birthday, and day of death, of David’s late father, Victor Martinez, who taught us so much about what sweet parts of life make it truly worth living.

The persistent drums in the opening measures of “Diwa” speak to the mechanical rhythm of the racing mind, struggling through the awkwardness and trepidation of doing something new. As the mechanics become more second nature, we start to ground into our bodies. We feel the warmth of the sun, hear the sounds of nature around us. In time we can awaken beyond that which eyes can see, and ears can hear. Falling at last into a comfortable state of flow, we exist as a part of the strange magic permeating every movement of the world around us. We find our true selves. We find Diwa.

We are so grateful that summer 2021 has brought some live music back into our lives. We will be celebrating the release of “Diwa” (with our first live indie show in a year and a half!) September 2nd, 2021 at the Diving Bell Social Club with Let’s Be Giants and Sombra.

RSVP HERE: Facebook

We have more single releases coming up in 2021 and 2022 and are also in the midst of planning our 3rd full length LP. Please stay tuned!

David and Erin Rose (Rose for short) met at an open mic in the summer of 2012, at an open mic at Benny’s Bagels on Broadway in Vancouver. They immediately hit it off and started playing music together a few weeks later. They played in the 5 piece indie rock band The Cattails for about a year before deciding to go out on their own and formed Jitensha. One long dark and rainy winter later, armed with their first album Buck Moon, the pair took flight from Vancouver for their first adventure.

That summer they traveled the whole perimeter of the US, living in their Toyota Sienna and playing at every open mic they could find. They grew closer as music continued to bond them together.

They eventually landed in Montréal, and began their life as “métro rats” performing often in the eclectic subways. That summer they threw their hat into the sunny streets, singing oldies covers in the old port of Montréal – but it wasn’t long before they were on the road again.

In autumn 2015 David and Rose called a big black school bus home while touring Eastern Canada as part of a post secondary motivational presentation with Hamilton, ON based non-profit Live Different. They survived gale force winds in Newfoundland, the bus falling into a ditch in Cape Breton, and a devastating house fire in P.E.I. It was an eventful, breathtaking trip that filled them with further musical inspiration.

Back in the cold métro the next spring, Jitensha was discovered by a cruise ship booking agent. 2 months later, the pair made their way to Brisbane, Australia to begin their new life as a lounge duo aboard P&O Australia’s Pacific Dawn. They would end up doing 3 contracts with P&O, traveling much of the South Pacific and making countless friends and connections.

They couldn’t wait to get back to their chosen home in Montréal and in early 2018 finally got to work on their second album. They took a break that summer to tie the knot in Colorado before heading back north.

2019 saw the duo pick up steam as they started to tour in Ontario and Québec. They released their second album Periscope that summer and celebrated with a 32 date cross Canada Tour. They’re currently back in Montréal full of inspiration and ready to create again.


“I’m classically trained in piano and guitar but that feels like ages ago. In university I was in my second year at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, in a double degree program taking on a BA in music and Bachelor of Education. It was actually the summer before going into second year that I started thinking about dropping out and trying to pursue a career as a solo singer songwriter, but I wasn’t completely sure, so I said I’d give myself another year at Laurentian to figure it out. But halfway through the year I had already been resolved, I wasn’t coming back next year. Most of my work that I do now on the electric guitar is self taught, I can’t say I’ve had a formal teacher.

A big turn in my development as a performer happened when Rose and I got hired to work on a cruise ship as the lounge duo. We had to learn so many songs and playing everyday really kicked my butt!”


“My parents taught me some guitar very young. They played music professionally up until around the time I was born and there were various instruments all around the house. I would bang around on the piano. I got a mini, red, electric squire guitar and would pretend to be Tom Petty or Mark Knopfler. Around age 9 I started to play the cello. I did that all through high-school, eventually being in the Colorado state youth orchestra. I have these early education opportunities to thank for teaching me harmony and rhythm. After that I taught myself various other instruments.

Musically, I’ve taken a lot of turns in my life but it’s always been inescapable. The only thing that has always stuck is singing and now I’m quite happy playing the drums too. - Pete's Rock News and Views

"Review – “Buck Moon” – Jitensha"

While Erin Rose Hubbard and David James Martinez have known each other for a couple of years—and played music together throughout that time—their band only formed in Vancouver in January of this year. From the Japanese word for bicycle or bike, Jitensha are aptly named for their desire to continue searching for inspiration and their determination to travel while playing, along with their speed.

Given the truncated timeline, it’s shocking that their debut album—successor to their February EP—is out already. Buck Moon doesn’t sound like the result of five months work. There’s a comfort and familiarity between Hubbard and Martinez that some bands spend years creating. At the same time, the production value of the final product is shocking considering the ensemble’s youthfulness.

The album opens without hesitation on “White Noise,” leaping into the lighthearted pseudo-surfer rock with a bouncing rhythm that hops along with Hubbard’s soprano. Martinez takes a secondary role on this track, a back and forth that is evocative of Toronto’s HIGHS.
The pair swap frontman duties on the following song, “’Cause I Wanna” as Martinez’ vocals add some rock edge to the indie mix. “You Don’t Own Me” and “On a Cloud” add even more of a spring to their beat, reveling in the punchy drums and chords while daintily dancing through the darker lyrics on “You Don’t Own Me.”

Halfway through, “Raven” marks a transition as the vocals, hinting at darker notes with quieter, smoother voices. “Big Talk” strips things back to an acoustic guitar and Martinez’s soothing voice for a folk-tinted shift that pairs neatly with the repetition of “we all fall down” in the chorus.

“Chasing the Sun” finds a midway point between the two sounds that dominate the album, a blending that shows the strides the band have made since their EP. The surprisingly slow and simple ending moves neatly into the final song. “Gospel Blues” lives up to its name by evoking a quiet, country feel as Hubbard and Martinez trade back and forth on vocals, reigning in their upbeat voices one last time to find that sweet spot for a memorable closer.

As with their EP, Jitensha shift back and forth between dance-inspired indie and pensive folk tracks that feel perfectly in line with their given dreamer descriptor. Buck Moon begs that kind of indulgence, willing you to move between the two moods as seamlessly as they do—and given the enthusiasm and charm they inflect each song with, it’s impossible to resist. - Gray Owl Point

"Jitensha: Buck Moon"

Erin Rose Hubbard and David Martinez are a prolific indie folk duo from Vancouver. After releasing am acoustic debut live EP in February, they have revisited those five tracks plus four more on the new studio album Buck Moon. They are into Latin flavored indie songs, building their songs around their shared vocals, banjo and guitar.

Jitensha will be embraced by small left-field folk festivals, with their optimistic and open-minded with a neo-hippie outlook on life. - Here Comes the Flood


First of all, let’s address the name Jitensha. It’s what Canadian super-couple David Martinez and Erin Rose Hubbard calls their guitar-and-banjo duo. The name is definitely memorable, just like their music. David explains that they went through a series of “bad names” and settled on jitensha, which is Japanese for “bicycle.” David and Erin both studied Japanese and said they connected through the language. They are also avid bicyclists. David says that the name fits them in jitensha profilethat they believe in the “value of human power.” Riding a bicycle can become an intimate act, in which your muscles, ligaments and mental coordination work in unison to propel you to distant lands you dreamt of in quixotic visions…or to the corner deli. Likewise, musicians like David and Erin use their talents to propel ideas, emotions and fleeting moments in time musically to the listener.

The duo, who met at an open mic during the summer of 2012, came from two different musical backgrounds. David says his parents “forced” him to take piano lessons as a child, and is thankful for it today. He also said that they introduced him to an eclectic range of genres—from The Beatles to Rod Stewart records—which left an impression on his young mind. David then picked up the guitar when he was 16, and eventually trained in classical guitar at a university. After two years on campus, he dropped out and decided to focus more on performing live on stage.

Erin, on the other hand, came from a family of musicians. Her parents performed from the early-70s until around the time she was born. Though Erin’s parents weren’t making a living performing after she was born, they continued to bless her with their gift by playing music in the house. So how do Erin and David find the balance between pursuing their passion and surviving the economic system that dictates whether or not we bring food to the table? David says they are gradually figuring out how to make it work. Jitensha has moved around quite a bit—Toronto, Vancouver and, soon, Montreal—so they’ve definitely had a lot of chances to sharpen their survivalist skills as artists. Each city they’ve been to offered different sets of challenges, as well as music scenes, and this helped the duo think practically when it comes to making ends meet. Like young struggling painters, freelance journalists and photographers, musicians find part-time jobs to fill in the wallet holes, so that their artistic ambitions don’t fall into the pits of socioeconomic struggle. Erin also provides us with wisdom, stating that it’s good to expand your repertoire, because that would allow struggling musicians “to cater to a larger market.”

When asked which song was their favorite, David replied that the whole album, Buck Moon, was a proud accomplishment. Erin narrowed her favorite to the album’s first track, White Noise, because of how difficult it was to play live. She said that it was the “manifestations of all our feelings about feeling trapped and overworked in this sort of industry; feeling like you had someone else’s life, but you knew you could take a shot.”

So how does Jitensha keep it all together? A lot of people advise that you should never work with your significant other—mix business with your personal life— because it can be detrimental to both, but this doesn’t seem to apply to the couple. David says that they are able to remain professional and receptive to each other’s constructive criticisms and ideas. He says that honesty is the best policy when it comes to co-creating something personal, something genuine. You cannot create a piece of art that is authentic and yet be fake to your partner. This dynamic is what makes Jitensha a powerful and fitting duo.

At the end of the day, what Jitensha wants you to take away from their music is their joy, thoughts, and even sorrows. Like any other form of artistic medium, the listeners of Jitensha can find something they can relate to. For a unique band, with a unique name, their message and good vibes are simply universal. - Underground Minds


Diwa (Single) - August 26th, 2021

Sojourn (Single) - March 19th, 2021

Periscope (Album) - August 6th, 2019

Under Control (Single) - July 19th, 2019

Buck Moon (Album) - April 29th, 2014



Jitensha is a guitar/banjo, guy/girl duo that plays upbeat music in a fun, fresh style! After meeting in Vancouver and playing music together for a year and a half, David and Erin Rose officially formed Jitensha in January 2014 and released their first EP, Jitensha Acoustic Live, in February 2014. A few months later they were ready to release their first album, Buck Moon, in May 2014. Hoping to grow as artists, thinkers and dreamers, Jitensha continues to search for inspiration and the chance to bring music wherever they go! They are currently writing and performing in and around Montreal, QB. 

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