Chicago, Illinois, USA

Written from the driver’s seat of a Chicago cab, recorded at Jay Bennett’s (totally analog) Pieholden Suite Sound and inspired by Otis Redding.


History - After a brief courtship by major labels, Casey Meehan moved from New Orleans to Chicago to release Violet (under his own name) on the Tense Forms label in 2003.

His new project is called Jitney and he is releasing an album titled “86-300” under this moniker on January 26, 2009.

The Writing Process - These songs were written while driving a taxi in Chicago. Meehan drove the night shift for two years to finance the record. The name of the album, 86-300, refers to Meehan’s Chauffeur’s license. He is the 86,300th cab driver to be licensed in Cook County; the Jitney moniker is also taken from taxicab terminology.

Other than the late-night, cityscape imagery of streetlights, gasoline and drifters, this album explores the element of chance. There were many setbacks for this musician in recent years, including nearly loosing his leg necessitating many difficult months of recovery. This material explores dealing with forces beyond ones control; the song “Fin” may be interpreted as a brief commentary on the struggling music industry.

The Recording Process - This album was recorded at Jay Bennett’s Pieholden Suite Sound on the same equipment used for Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

This record, produced by Meehan’s long time friend Matt DeWine, was one of the first albums recorded at the studio after its transplant from Chicago’s West side to downstate Illinois. Meehan helped with the construction of this studio. Additional recording was done by Kris Poulin at Chicago’s Electrical Studios and Semaphore. The final recording session was held at Pieholden Suite Sound Thanksgiving Day 2008.

Accompanied by some of the finest, albeit under appreciated, drummers in the United States, Jim Duffy (Love Story in Blood Red), Kaanan Tupper (Jeremy Egnik), Mark Benson (Lying In States), Casey played all other instruments except, bass on Fin (supplied by Dave Vandervelde) and bass on Butterfly Knife (by Nick Meirs).

The Album Launch - This album will be available for free download on RockProper.com, January 26th 2009. Rock Proper is an online music distributor that Meehan founded in 2008. This website is built to take the place of the traditional record label and deliver music made with integrity directly to listeners around the world.

This record will not be issued in compact disc format but may be available on vinyl in the near future pending interest.

Jitney Live - Jitney has been playing the premier clubs around the midwest for the past few years.


Love Draws Blood

Written By: Casey Meehan

love draws blood
In this life of blinking lights there's only so much that you can see while you're rollercoastering from dizzy highs and lows to lonely in-betweens. By in large there was a good mood in the city that had once burned for two days straight into the ground. Once there was a time when you were nothing and I was nothing and we were free. We were day dreams. Long before our skin could feel the cold before our tongues knew what the taste of hunger was. Once there was a time when you had nothing and I had nothing and we were chained, just for a little while. I was bound to kiss your burning lips as the rose bush pricks your finger tips. Love draws blood.

Pt1: A E F#m D A D Bm E
Pt2: E E D A E F#m D A D Bm E
Outro: A D Bm
Riff - Riff - Pt1 - Pt1 - Riff - Pt1-Pt1 - Pt2 - Pt1 - Pt1 - Pt2 - Pt1 (a bunch of times) Riff - Riff - Outro


Jitney - 86-300


Casey Meehan - Violet


Set List

we play short songs in quick order -- never more than 35min

01 Fin
02 Butterfly Knife
03 Love Draws Blood
04 Dizzy Spells
05 Twilight
06 Twilight Laser Battle
07 Tricky Be
08 The Get Lost Kid
09 Long Time Coming
09 Walk Awhile Longer
11 Coda