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"Jivaro album review"

“Rather than a barren wasteland of circling hard-drive sounds, Jivarodelia is a carefully constructed album of bass lines, samples, synth beats and, in rare cases, live instrumentation (“Jivaro Dub” is one example). Dahl’s strong point is his ability to keep both the organic and inorganic carefully in check (...) This isn’t your typical techno fare with hard beats and eerie, industrial meanderings; rather, Jivarodelia is the type of album one expects from an indie label – fresh, exciting and laid-back. Reason to Buy: You need something cool to go with your Ikea decor”, Suzan Alteri, Real Detroit Weekly - Real Detroit Weekly

"Jivaro album review"

“Pulsey electro somewhere between Richie Hawtin with personality or Green Velvet on Valium (...) The magic of jivarodelia is that what seem like dressed-up deep-house tracks are, in reality, slowly shifting soundscapes”, Andrew Lentz, Alternative Press - Alternative Press

"Jivaro album review"

“Henrik Dahl, a.k.a. Jivaro, has proved himself a master of “digital lo-fi” with his first full-length solo album “Jivarodelia”, which is nothing short of an electronic masterpiece (...) Without being a carbon copy of his influential predecessors, Jivaro most closely resembles legendary techno-pop group Kraftwerk, with his stripped down synth-melodies and deep electronic beats. Jivaro rivals Kraftwerk by adding on new dimensions of ambient soundscapes, eclectic instrument selections and more open-minded sound.” 5/5 Damon Peter Rallis, Privy Magazine - Privy Magazine

"Jivaro album review"

“In what seems to be an adjunct to the psychedelia-inspired dance grooves he creates with Sleeping Flies, Henrik Dahl takes the dance theme up a notch with his Jivaro side project. On “Walking Bass”, Jivaro delivers perhaps his most striking track, boasting solid percussion groove and addictive, middle-eastern-inspired keyboard stylings. If David Lynch were to have a belly-dance sequence in one of his films, this could be the piece he would use.” Amy Leach, Splendid E-Zine - Splendid E-Zine

"Jivaro album review"

“Imagine an album which takes you from new wave electronica right thru to stoned hypnotic dub, never ever losing the clinical edge that is so definitive of music that has been precisely engineered. If I were to also mention that the country of origin was Sweden, a land of defined minimalism, then the picture, I think, would be almost complete.” Freaky Bob, Sundaze - Sundaze

"Sleeping Flies album review"

“Dahl/Jivaro is also one of the three core members of the Sleeping Flies. In fact, their album opens with a track called “Enter the Jivaro Dub”, and as that title suggests, the ambient dub thread that runs through much of Jivarodelia is carried over to this album, coupled with a strong dose of neo-psychedelic electro-indie-rock (...) The result is one of the most mind-bending and groove-laden albums in recent memory”, Greg Clow, Grooves - Grooves

"Sleeping Flies album review"

“The Sleeping Flies’ You Are Superior is a well-executed exercise in rhythm retro-futurism. Wobbly, warm, hypnotic bass anchors the Flies’ repetitious explorations of funk, Krautrock and acid house” 8/10, Tony Ware, Mixer - Mixer

"Sleeping Flies album review"

“If clubkids were hippies, this is what they’d listen to. Blending the laid-back, low-fi feel of ‘60s psychedelia with the carefree, upbeat tempo of current electronic music – over a sophisticated variety of rhythms – Sleeping Flies create an unsusual mix that sounds organic. It’s also wholly original and difficult to resist.” Wayne Hoffman, Billboard - Billboard

"Sleeping Flies album review"

“Specializing in a suave mix of beat-heavy dance music and dub, You Are Superior is so smooth, subtle, sanded at the edges and pristinely recorded (most of the recording was done at Sunshine Fixer Bill Doss’ place) that it’ll take a couple of songs for you to really notice how good the music is. Tracks like “Enter the Jivaro Dub”, “Feel Like Movin on” and “Exit the New Heads” will lock you into their bass-heavy beat groove, while undertows of melodic bass guitar and meandering, higher notes keep the songs moving vigorously forward.” Josh Kazman, Splendid E-Zine - Splendid E-Zine

"Sleeping Flies album review"

“An album’s worth of brilliantly hypnotic dance music from The Sleeping Flies (...). There are enough hooks here to last lesser bands through an entire career, but Sleeping Flies thankfully refuse to settle with the immediately catchy, instead pushing the tracks ever forward, exploring the frameworks of the songs as they go along. Combining electronic and acoustic instruments, what is particularly appealing about the album is its organic presence and immediacy, perfectly capturing the seducing sound of a long summer night.” Stein Haukland, Ink19 - Ink19


Henrik has been involved in several projects over the years, most notably Jivaro, Sleeping Flies and The Super Eight Group.


Jivaro, Turiya, Minimalizm V2, 7", white label, locked groove compilation, 2006

Jivaro, Turiya, MMC10 Dance 2006 CD, Tune Tank, CD compilation (promo), 2006

Jivaro, Turiya and Tronik Ride, Twisted House E.P. (various artists), Rucksack Records, 12" and digital download, 2006

Ben Horn, Get a Groove Going (Jivaro remix), Auditorydesigns, 12" and digital download, 2005

The Music Liberation Front Sweden, Though I Wasn’t Doing Much I Felt More Satisfied With My General Situation Than I Should Have Been (Henrik contributed the track Collage), Saasfee, CD album, 2004

Sleeping Flies, Sunshine Sounds, US Pop Life Vol. 16, Extension of Electro, Contact, CD compilation, 2003

Babalu, The Ultra Wide Band meets the Mighty Babalu Pt. 2 (Henrik plays guitar on the live recording Taste the Great Humpback Whale Again!), EWB/Kindercore, CD album, 2002

Jivaro, Jivarodelia, EWB/Kindercore, CD album, 2002

Sleeping Flies, You are Superior, EWB/Kindercore, CD album, 2002

Japancakes, Down the Elements E.P (Electronic Watusi Boogaloo remix) (Henrik co-produced the remix with the other members of the Sleeping Flies), Kindercore Fifty: We Thank You, Kindercore, 3 CD set compilation, 2000

Sleeping Flies, Feel Like Movin’ On, Kindercore Fifty: We Thank You, Kindercore, 3 CD set compilation, 2000

The Super Eight Group, Sunshine, Dolores Recordings/Telegram Publishing Promo, Dolores, compilation CD (promo), 1998

The Super Eight Group, Sunshine, Uppers/Dolores, CD single, 1998

The Super Eight Group, Lady of the Sun E.P, Uppers, limited edition white vinyl 7", 1997

The Super Eight Group, Lady of the Sun E.P, Uppers/Universal, CD, 1997


Feeling a bit camera shy


Henrik Dahl aka Jivaro is an experienced Swedish musician and producer making electro and Detroit flavoured house music. With a new label and studio, it is fair to say that Dahl has been keeping busy lately, ever pushing his musical boundaries further.

When did you last hear house mixed with Krautrock? Using the motto 'Twisted house with a signature sound', Dahl is running Rucksack Records. In May 2006 Rucksack released their debut 12 inch, Twisted House EP, with tracks from K-Alexi (Chicago, US) and Jivaro. The former has released music on classic labels such as Transmat, Trax and Djax-Up-Beats and has influenced a wide range of artists. On the EP is also a remix of Jivaro's Tronik Ride made by up-and-coming Detroit style techno producers Sam Ostyn and Trish Van Eynde (Malinas, BE).

At the beginning of 2005, one of Henrik's songs was licensed to Ciba Visions international commercial campain for their new contact lens product O2Optix. The ad was on heavy rotation worldwide, bringing his music to a huge audience. In 2000 the same track was licensed to an ad for Cingular, the largest wireless company in the US. The fact that the same song has been in two major commercial campains, proves there is longevity to Dahl's music.

The two albums Henrik presented to the US market in 2002 triggered fine reviews in magazines such as Mixer, Real Detroit Weekly and Grooves. "Wholly original and difficult to resist", wrote Wayne Hoffmann in his Billboard magazine review.

Dahl is also a remixer. He has done production work for Danish label Auditorydesigns, who released his remix of Get A Groove Going by acid jazz producers Ben Horn. The group has gained support from top DJs such as Laurent Garnier and Coldcut.

Between 1999 and 2002 Henrik was a core member and songwriter of the Sleeping Flies, writing acid house and Krautrock influenced electro rock. Before that he made psychedelic garage pop in The Super Eight Group. With a previous habit of playing live, Jivaro made the decision early on to perform his music in front of an audience. A lot of the material that he plays is specifically made for his live sets. His shows are much appreciated and are well worth checking out.