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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Indie




"MP3 Jjanice+ – “Aleas”"

Jjanice+ – Aleas

Who: Joel Janice & friends.
What: Groovin pop/rap, like Harlan, Seye, Nick Waterhouse,
Where: Montreal, Canada + Facebook
When: A 2010 EP and this new jam.
Why: French-Canadians have a long history of groovy music but bright tropical summers aren’t really Montreal’s forte so it’s fun to hear such perfect summer fare from them. It is also fun to hear it in French. My French skillz are very limited but I imagine he singing about how him and friends do mad chill stuff like drink beers, kick it by the pool, go out late and are generally awesome. That chick part is probably her rebuttal about how her crew of girls is better cause they do other better chill stuff. Whatever, you guys, just get it on already! OK, so having just watched the video I don’t think that is what the song is about at all. But thats the fun of music! -

"Video: Jjanice+ - Fleur du Desert - SawPanse"

Simple yet spellbinding visuals take us through the one-of-a-kind hit “Fleur Du Desert” by Jjanice+. This is a song about true love between travelers living in a desolate place. Both with their own experiences and collections they come together and watch their love grow like a flower in the middle of the desert.

The song with the visual show both an intense journey to find someone in loneliness while uniting in finding that perfect soul mate, that desert flower. Realizing that the journey has ended, both parties appreciate the journey that they had to take to find that perfect someone. Why it was worth climbing high peaks, finding their way through the darkest of valleys and braving torrents, waterfalls and storms to find the one that they love. Through their collective experiences and through their journey to find each other to meet the end result all the more sweeter.

The video begins with revolving silhouettes in almost complete darkness. Standing both back to back and alone this really conveys the feeling of loneliness that we find in the song. As the video progresses and the lyrics begin to take a lighter tone so does the background and the models. Silhouettes turned into fully let people and the black and white colors eventually give way to a brighter tones. The silhouettes turn into people and their mood drastically changes into that of happiness. They have found each other and they can once again see color and happiness in their lives.

The visuals, directed by KhaciJay, are simple yet striking, they complement the meaning of the song perfectly and achieve a very personal connection with the viewer. It seems as though the singer is speaking directly to you or the silhouettes are looking directly into your eyes almost right through you. Close-ups on the smiles convey the same emotions in the viewers at the same time that the lyrics drastically shift into happier parts of the story.

Overall this is a very emotional and visually striking video for a wonderful song. Catch Fleur du Des Desert on Jjanice+’s new album Pierrot Couleur available in stores now. -

"Jjanice+ | Canadian Music Blog"

After a couple of singles, Montréal’s wonderful Jjanice+ (male soloist) has launched an exquisite EP entitled Pierrot couleur. On this musical odyssey, you will hear warm vocals, pattering keys, Caribbean bass, African poetry all with underlying soultronic depth. This is the richness of Seal combined with the creative charm of David Bowie. The whole disc is one colourful tapestry with breathtaking detail, and it stands as one of the finest EPs of 2014. We look forward to hearing more from this talented recording artist in the future. iTunes -


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