JJ Baron

JJ Baron


JJ Baron is a gifted singer songwriter who has a highly individual and expressive style that evokes great power and a sense of eternity.


JJ Baron is 22 years old. He was born and raised in Rhode Island and has been performing original compositions since 1996. His music is deeply rooted in traditional American music and mixes with inspiration from figures of poetry, literature as well as the visual arts.


Baby Let's Go

Written By: JJ Baron

This is the dream we all shall tell
Comes creeping like a back door man
Abomination chasing my chariot
With the wisdom of a primitive man
Jealousies looking like a two-bit hooker
Watching from the chimney tops
The traitor who is moved by self-interest
Seeks your first born to adopt
Baby Let's Go

Band your head against the drum
Give you lungs to make it cuss
Blind Blake strumming on a Stella guitar
I swear that he's one of us
Notes rise up fall back down
Fade away into thin air
Walking on water is a Godly thing
But I'd rather take the stairs
Baby Let's Go

Duty and service to the unknown others
Who step upon your plans?
Going to cut your dreams open with a razor blade
Then promise to never do it again
The magician dressed like some ordinary man
Making all your money disappear
The posse's out with their torches lit
They got a tip that you might be here
Baby Let's Go

Samson's eyes will never see any more
Ain't that the terrible truth?
Pointing my finger into the wind
Drunker than old Babe Ruth
No diamond field for us to step
Just a pre-selected burial plot
Keep your eyes upon the lies
Leave your wreck in the parking lot
Baby Let's Go

Midnight looters with their nine-pound hammers
Searching for the master key
I'm black horse riding with steel boots kicking
Looking for the deputy
This town's on fire, windows cracked,
Houses starting to burn
Some stuck in the trace of last ghost dance
Praying the buffalo will return
Baby Let's Go

Bible pages covering the ground
Pieces of Luke flying in the wind
Minds are set on material things
Like a Camel through the eye of a pin
There's no need baby to leave this place
We're as guilty as the rest of them
Blessed are the ones that will never been born
Then hell with salvation from sin
Baby Let's Go

Scene after scene it's always the same
Tooth for a tooth in a caboose of a train
Stage fright sally has one hell of a name
Drowning in the atheism of holy shame
River of bones that pile higher than the roof
Living in silence in a telephone booth
Hope is always coming but I've never seen proof
Just one more bad dream to dilute

Brand New Stranger

Written By: JJ Baron

Heart's beating faster tryin' catch your breath saint on your right devil on your left
People have been following you chasing you right out of your nest
I don't keep no letters cause there's nothing I'm going to confess.
Long gone mama don't pay me no mind I'm awake after the sun and asleep before it shines
You said if I wanted to get out taht you'd gladly show me to the door
I'm a brand new stranger walking on the same old shore

The city has its Mayor the church has its priest every woman has a beauty every man has a beast
I'm walking with my shoes torn open and my socks hanging out
There's a chance you love me but at the same time there's a greater doubt
Gravel is kicking there's dust in the air I'm constantly movin' but going nowhere
They don't make them like they used to any more
I'm a brand new stranger walking on the same old shore

Wreck on the freeway rain beating down gypsy asking me which way to the nearest town
I just pointed my finger directly towards the ground
and said if you can read fortunes why can't you find your own way around
The border winds are cussing the lines are cursed nights are frightening but the days are worse
I'm ramblin' til the century ends or till my feet get sore
I'm a brand new stranger walking on the same old shore

The ghost of Hank Williams walking by my side singing you'll never get out of this world alive
Mama I'm a prisoner condemned on earth to serve my time
I'm the loneliest daddy who ever had to walk this line
Up through the alley and down the block why do I always feel guilty when I see a cop
I don't think I'm wanted at least not anymore
I'm a brand new stranger walking on the same old shore

This world has seen better days so have I if I could only find the words I swear I'd say goodbye
Right now I don't think I could, I'm way too confused to even speak
My mind feels mangled my tongue feels numb my mouth is so weak
has the world turned honest, doomsday must be near what would Shakespeare do if he were here
Maybe he'd flip over some tables maybe he'd be running from the law
I'm a brand new stranger walking on the same old shore


Century Rambler, 2001
JJ Baron DVD, 2003
black t-shirt demos, 2004

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