J Jesus and The Wreck

J Jesus and The Wreck

 London, England, GBR

Taking it to the top floor of dub/rock inspired music: 2 guitars skanking, soloing and adding spacious dimensions with analog delays and wah wahs, a drummer constantly pushing his creativity to the limit and a laptop making the trio sound more like a 7 piece band. Vocals? Intense. Lyrics? Political


The 25 year old Portuguese musician singer-songwriter is bringing the dub/rock movement into the troublesome times of the 21st century with controversial and meaningful lyrics.

His debut album 'The MessAge' is the result of a decade dedicated to music and the outcome of thoroughly thought out compositions that call for a serious reconsideration of the system we have created and a plea for each human to engage in a profound self-reflection. As a multi-instrumentalist and producer, Jesus played the majority of the instruments and produced the album himself, which gives it a genuine and characteristic sound that evidently stands out from other current dub/rock productions.

Bob Marley's music and message was the catalyst that activated J Jesus' eagerness to make a difference in this world, and in 2005 he came to England to perfect his craft and start a journey that has defined him for life.

After his studies at the Academy of Contemporary Music, J Jesus moved to London where he put together the band that is currently performing the album: Aurelien Arnoux on the lead guitar and Paulo Santos on the drums.

Their rock n’ dub inspired music is ignited by a live over-dubbing rhythm section that provides roaring bass sounds, a relentless pulse and beautifully crafted melodies.

During their live performances the three London musicians combine natural instruments with heavy processed sounds in the style of Fat Freddy’s Drop Vs Groundation.

With their delays and wah-wah effects, J Jesus and A. Aurelien deliver striking guitar riffs and solos, creating unique dimensions to each song. P. Santos, always solid on the drums, drives the rhythm section with great feel and creativity.


"Thinking of Yesterday" -- Released in Portugal and Airplay on a Portuguese National Radio. (2007)

"Mind" -- Released on a UK reggae Compilation entitled "A Kingdom United" (2009)

"Buffalo Soldier Remix" -- Collaboration between J Jesus and Ripper Productions. This song was played on major clubs all over the UK (2009/2010)

"The MessAge" -- J Jesus's debut album recently released (2012)

Set List

Intro (4min)
Mind (3.30min)
Stop You (4.30min)
Fly (4.40min)
Night Nurse / Hot Steppa (10min)
Steady (4.50min)

Patience / Jamrock (10min)
Adam (5.50min)
Pirate (3.30min)
What You (3.40min)
Will You (5.30)
Rise (4.40min)