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Macon, Georgia, United States | MAJOR

Macon, Georgia, United States | MAJOR
Band Pop World


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Song Titles

1.Come On Baby
2. Now She Gone Away
3.Fading Away
4.Do You Think of Me?
5. I Feel
6. Why You Don’t Love Me?
7. Stand By My Side
8. It’s All Over Now
9. Would You Be There For Me?
10.Don’t Leave Me Breathless
11. Could It Be You
12. If We Believe In Love
13 You Are My Shining Stars



Eyes of Love, Spirit of Holy Fire, and Mind of Steel this is who he is. This is how the Lord made him full of love, determination, strong willed with a rod of iron. Accept him or Reject him; Love him or Hate him it doesn’t matter as long as he got King Jesus in his mind, body, and soul he is truly bless. It is my great pleasure to introduce one of the world’s most innovative minds in our day.

J’John is a very valuable asset to have on your record label. He is more than a pretty face he is an achieved, extremely gifted singer and songwriter. That has master the knowledge of words in an uncanny ability to relate to everyday occurrences. Which gives his music flavor, authenticity, as well as originality in the show business today.

J’John accomplishments are that of a humble nature that truly show his vulnerable side. Such as writing and composing with assistance from former guitarist of the Allan Brothers Sidney Goodroe a song titled “ Now We Are Done.” It is a song written to end racial injustice, discourage discrimination and prejudices through out the world, and bridge all races to promote world peace. He has also written and composed a song about AID’s HIV Awareness titled “ Fading Away.” Having experience the impact personally from a close family member, which provided basis. At seeing firsthand how the disease destroys and ravishes the body.

J’John is a face of familiarity locally as well as throughout the world via the Internet where he is a minor celebrity. He has befriended several of today’s hottest stars in the music industry these days. Like Beyonce Knowles, Jaime Fox, and Rhianna plus many more. All over the World Wide Web his name, and face, has proven that he has the integrity, charisma, and the style that can rock the hearts of many people through out the world.