jäk was founded when singer Jake Blount began to have a fascination with lyrics. Being a guitar player in many different bands and studio projects he decided to break into his own sound. With live support from some past band mates, they make an eclectic sound of pop, rock, ambient, and acoustic.


We have played in bands and projects ranging from pop, punk, singer song writer, folk, alt country, and rock. We listen to the widest range of music, but mainly our sounds come our form echos of bands from the past, mixed with sounds that could only be conjured up in todays technological world. With spacy guitars from bands like explosions in the sky, and poppy melodies from artists like john mayer, to classic sounds like the police, it all culminates into one big sound, that takes on a harder edge when played live. jäk is very organic in nature and hopes that each live performace will bring out something new for every set of listeners.


Age of Anxiety - Debut LP

Set List

Originals: Friends and Lovers, Seasons Change, Middle of Winter, Fire Escape, Next Day, I'll Say, One New City, Bottled Up, Look, Broken TV, Where's My Jacket.

Usually a 45min set, unless covers/more is required.

If Covers are required: Muse, John Mayer, Ryan Adams, Death Cab for Cutie, Iron and Wine, Aqualung, Micah Dalton, Wilco, Eric Clapton