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"Album Review"

The name of this singer/songwriter leads me to believe something tougher than I imagined. Once again, names can be deceiving, and Jak can be considered your neo-storyteller. With not much of a backdrop available on his website or myspace, I'm going to get straight into the music...
Most songs on the album are echoey, heartfelt, quiet little acoustic ballads with a minimal instrumentation. Friends & Lovers is a nicely written track with a bit of a mosaic of energies, soft and progressive.
One New City showcases a teasing vocal range, and by that I mean a tone and lyricism that dances in and out of high-pitch with a cocky raspyness. The rhythm is enjoyable, and the main verse chord resembles at least half of The Police's catalogue, which can not be scoffed at. Seasons Change is also upbeat but I think Jak goes a bit out of range at times and its only the back up music that saves him.
Almost like the good 'ole days of cassettes, look for the first four songs to be the wilder, more energetic Jak. Look to the last four songs for his acoustic and melancholy side. Though it's missing that eye popping aspect or seedling, think of Jak as an up and coming singer with the potential of being exposed heavily to the Mix (Adult Contemporary) station crowd. He just needs a little extra spunk or element of surprise -besides his name- to get there.

-- http://www.musicemissions.com/artists/albums/index.php?album_id=10005 - Music Emissions


Okay. So I get into the SUV fasten my seat belt and turn the car on. As I am driving out of the driveway, I pop in one of my new favorite Artist. jäk. jäk is an Alternative/Pop/Rock/Artist. jäk wrote and produced his new CD Age Of Anxiety. The CD offers tight production and beautiful vocals.
I love the way he blends the melodies and allows the space for air. The music just floats into your ear. As soon as “One New City” comes on, I am in my Rock Star sunglasses rolling down the highway. It’s cloudy outside but listening to “I’ll Say” just brings a ray of light to me. Before you know it, I am miles down the road and whatever I was troubled with is gone. I like to listen to this CD when I drive because it just seem like great driving or road trip music to me. If you have not gotten your copy yet, DO SO! You can get it here and find out more about jäk at www.myspace.com/jaknoise .
I can’t wait to see jäk LIVE.

www.twitter.com/KolaOtuNdE - http://kolayotunde.wordpress.com/2009/05/17/whats-in-my-cd-player/


Age of Anxiety - Debut LP



We have played in bands and projects ranging from pop, punk, singer song writer, folk, alt country, and rock. We listen to the widest range of music, but mainly our sounds come our form echos of bands from the past, mixed with sounds that could only be conjured up in todays technological world. With spacy guitars from bands like explosions in the sky, and poppy melodies from artists like john mayer, to classic sounds like the police, it all culminates into one big sound, that takes on a harder edge when played live. jäk is very organic in nature and hopes that each live performace will bring out something new for every set of listeners.