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"Somethin's Brewin' hosts local songwriter"

LAKEVILLE — Songwriter J. Kelley will be performing at the Somethin's Brewin' Book Café tonight, hosted by Kim Hill. The evening will also include an open mic night.

J. (for Jason) Kelley, a local musician, "is an inspired, talented, songwriter and performer," Ms. Hill reports. His musical influences stem from a long list of bands and artists including bands such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Creedence, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Bob Marley, Wilco, Johnny Cash, Van Morrison, Billy Joel and Phish.

"These musical influences combined with Jason's creativity and songwriting ability, makes his original tunes unique," said Ms. Hill. "They will certainly catch your attention. They are honest, passionate and cleverly express new ways to say things. They convey truth as to what may be happening or what one may be thinking or feeling."

According to the artist, his desire with his music is not so much to make a definite statement, but rather a connection.

"The deed is done simply," he said. "You write it on the couch, corner of your bed, on the deck, driving to work, during a class, at a bar, on a napkin, in a notebook ... After a fight, after love, after a long night, after an early morning, after a drink, after inspiration, afternoon ... You play it to yourself, to your girl, to your boys, to your friends, to the band, to an empty room, to a crowd, to the people. You bust your butt, you sweat it out, you cut your teeth, you get the nerve, you carry on, you move forward, you play your heart out. Simple, right ?"

Some nights Jason plays solo (vocals and guitar) and other nights his acoustic show includes other musicians or special guest. Tonight he will also be introducing his new album release, "Untied."

So, if you are looking for an enjoyable evening out with good original music and a friendly crowd, don't miss out on this great night of musical fun," said Ms. Hill. To learn more about J. Kelley, his music and upcoming shows, his website is: www.myspace.com/jkelleymusic. - SouthCoast Today


UNTIED - by J.Kelley

We have 3 tracks streaming on radio airplay
1. big lights 2. window watching 3. one lone ride
all on WMVY (Martha's Vinyard, MA.)
and one song "She Hits Deep" being used as a commercial promo for 94HJY out of Providence RI.



I started writing songs the minute I picked up the guitar. I've cut my teeth playing in different bands throughout the Southcoast. I recently released my debut CD on my own label and have begun promoting it online and at shows, as well as with local and college radio airplay. Our fans and supporter don't fit into a "specific" demographic. People of all ages and all backgrounds and different musical tastes are the majority of our fan-base.