Whether it be as a solo acoustic performer or with his full band the music and performance speak for themselves. Heartfelt songs with intelligent lyrics, built on original arrangements and played with passion are why this artist and his music are getting audience's attention. Listen up, you'll dig.


I started writing songs the minute I picked up the guitar. I've cut my teeth playing in different bands throughout the Southcoast. I recently released my debut CD on my own label and have begun promoting it online and at shows, as well as with local and college radio airplay. Our fans and supporter don't fit into a "specific" demographic. People of all ages and all backgrounds and different musical tastes are the majority of our fan-base.


Big Lights

Written By: jason p. kelley

Big Lights

Baby, I'm sorry
I can't stay here, no
There's something calling me out

She says "Big Shot"
"Get off your high horse"
"Riding around now, so what's the new plan?"

Give me the big lights (turn 'em on)
And bring 'em up bright (up so bright)
You only get one night
To turn them all on

There are seconds in this life
When you find what you want by your side
And if I had a choice I would choose you
But I've got no choice to choose

We're going to fire up the band
We're going to let the music ring
We're going to try and make a stand
May we all shine


UNTIED - by J.Kelley

We have 3 tracks streaming on radio airplay
1. big lights 2. window watching 3. one lone ride
all on WMVY (Martha's Vinyard, MA.)
and one song "She Hits Deep" being used as a commercial promo for 94HJY out of Providence RI.

Set List

My typical set-list differs depending on what the given situation is. I play 2-3 sets normally whether it be as a solo act or as a full band. We usually play hour long sets, though again, that can be adapted to the given gig. We play original music, but have a selection of favorite covers.