Rockville, Maryland, USA

Electro-groove music with no limitations. I produce on a whim with random inspirations. Every $M1LE show is given 110%, being built entirely on hardwork, love, and funkiness. And why is that? Because, $M1LE thinks your a beautiful person. Seriously, your beautiful, you deserve some good music.


When you see the crowd start jumping and hear people start screaming, there is only one explanation of who it could be. $M1LE is the stage name used by veteran DJ James Kennedy, for his self produced digital mixes. Using a unique electro-groove sound, the $M1LE project uses influences from all walks of life, anywhere from the electronic influences of Bassnectar or Deadmau5, to any other odd genre of music. James Kennedy DJ'd full time as a mobile disc jockey in the D.C metro area for three years, before starting to produce and build his own show. As a mobile Disc Jockey, he averaged about 4 shows a week and has now performed an estimated 400-500 different shows. Now, with a good understanding of how to work a crowd, and good ear for music, he takes his show on the road in a new way to make sure every beautiful person (all his fans) at every venue he goes to dances and has an amazing time. He wishes he could do more for them though, like buy them dinner or take them to a movie (as just friends of course). Maybe someday he will, but in the meantime, he's gonna stick with rocking crowds with his own unique electro music, and making everybody $M1LE.


I have two demos, and I'd love to release albums, however I'm still looking for a good label to help me release material

Set List

My typical set list really depends on the crowd. A lot of the songs in my media section I remix into my live set. I can do sets anywhere from 30 minutes, to 2 or 3 hours, and hopefully as my original material selection expands I'll be able to keep going even longer. I try not to do covers too often, though sometimes it is fun and has a nice effect, so when I do covers, I try and make them interesting and uniquely my own.