Lutz, Florida, USA
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My Music is all about Having fun and Life experiences.


Well to start off I was born in Honolulu Hawaii on May 14, 1984. Then from there my parents decided to relocate back home to Cleveland Ohio. I decided that Tampa, FL would be a great place to begin my new life. From here I began working and looking for opportunities to network. I started rhyming at the age of 11. Inspired mostly by rappers Canibus and Tupac Shakur, I developed a love for inspirational and positive motivational stories in my lyrics. I got my first stage name Ls Tha Hustlas from rapping for people at my school. I was so good that people started calling me LS (LIVESOIL) which means living dead because everybody I rap against was getting buried so bad that I just took over the show. At the age 15, I had notebooks filled with rhymes and began to record tracks with my little brother and friends from the streets. As I got older I decided it was time for a change. I began to realize that I no longer wanted to be known as a rapper. A lot of people like me because of my laid back and smooth type of style so from there I began to think of a name that would represent me. So I came up with branding my own name which is now J.Keyes. I’m not a rapper, I’m now known as a Hip-hop fusion artist. J.Keyes is a person that everyone wants to become. Someone who can relate to the young and the old with keeping that smooth vibe and still bring that new flavor. I’m a Talented individual who plans to make a major impact on the industry in general with my creative producer skills & motivational lyrics


J.Keyes singles

I Been On
We Be At It