J.K. Hodge

J.K. Hodge

 Bayport, New York, USA
BandClassicalNew Age

I write songs that create a positive ambiance or reflect the unanswered questions of the mind. I take the listener on a musical journey to different places in time. Echos of yesterday and the mystery of tomorrow can be heard in my melodies for today. I will strike the keys to your soul...


My music style has hints of my favorite artists and composers. It is emotionally charged piano instrumental that is like the month of March. The music can come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. I try to take you the listener to as many places as possible. I am an American composer and pianist that will be releasing my 3rd album in 5 years. It continues to be my goal to compose a recognizable film score for a major motion picture. Most notably I sit at the piano with pencil and paper and play from the heart. It doesn't matter if it's Guns N' Roses or a Chopin Waltz I will try to move you...

There are so many talented musicians out there and all inspirations to me when they play passionately. My music is not an absolute and it's meaning is up to you. I will use my discretion on how I play and what I play based on my audience. There is something good found in all types of music.

My grandfather whom I never met has influenced my playing. He would play at the movie theaters when the movies were silent. I think my playing brings back memories in my family of his playing and has inspired me to write music that will one day be in film God willing.

I finished my first album entitled "Anatomy Of A Piano Player" in late 2010'. The album is solo piano with 11 original tracks. In 2012' I released my second album "Winter's Gift" which provides the listener a intimate atmosphere into the world of piano. With multiple spheres of affect and influence I am continuing to keep classical musical alive with reflections on tone, touch, and expressive nuances. Lending your ears to the music will take you on a priceless journey through the Romantic Era of composing. The music's own language is created by the different elements of my touch on the keys. I try to create a certain level of intimacy with the listener and profound insight into the music. Along with my romance filled compositions and interpretation of romantic compositions before me; I try to grasp my surroundings and allign my faith with God's wonderful creation. The unique perspective mirrors the sounds of a beginning world without the changing lifestyle of it's inhabitants. "J.K. Hodge's crafted song writing skills will capture the hearts of music lovers around the world. His music is masterfully entertaining and delightfully enjoyable to listen to ." Isaac Davis Jr.-Junior's Cave Webzine I'm no stranger to instrumental collaborations as I have worked with many talented artists that have complimented my style and made my compositions full. My strong aspirations for the future, technique, style, and creativity will put my original works in a major motion picture.


Eye of the Storm
Amidst the Shadows
Out of the Shadows
Keys to the Soul
All in Vein
Sitting on Your Steps
Slight of Hand
Heart Full of Snow
Creation II
In The Grey of Winter
Snow Drops
Waltz of the Saints
Hopeless Romantic
Echoes of Despair
Kiss on your Shoulder
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Set List

My music best suited to play in very intimate settings. I have enjoyed playing cocktail hours, lounges, fine dining restaurants, weddings, and even libraries. I can cover Joel to John and Bach to Beethoven. I prefer my originals but I can and will bring my own element to whatever I sit and play. If, your establishment doesn't have a piano I do have a keyboard. This keyboard mirrors a distinct piano sound that allows me to create a beautiful atmosphere for you.