Jki a.k.a Jkilo

Jki a.k.a Jkilo

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My music is Hip hop, Rap, and R&B.


I started listening 2 music at a young age, or as bout as far as can remember. I recall listening 2 N.W.A straight outta Compton. I was feel', it but yet it really didn't grab me. My first love became R&B music bout around Keith Sweat, Immature, Boys II Men were relevant, and like it was nothing i just start singing. Funny cuz this is like still elementary or like, " a push record, stop, and play at the same time. Than when it time 2 record hit stop", lol tap days, I had a great voice for my age very nice, but than one day I fell in love with Hip Hop the first time my ears heard the words Dear Moma, by Tupac Shakur. No homo but than i fell in luv with Pac, and I've been rappin eva since. Sorry this is lite on detail but i hope it painted a picture r at least brought back memories for yourself.


For more tracks see my Myspace page http://www.myspace.com/jkiakajkilo